Will to Live – Anger, Lust, Gluttony, & Greed – Part 45

In August of 2004, I received a very nice settlement from the car accident that we were involved in as we were driving home from Charlotte. In typical fashion, I decided to purchase me a brand new 2004 1800 Honda Goldwing Trike. It was reddish in color and I decked her out with a large amount of chrome as well as custom lights, on the back, the front, the side and a 13 light rear bumper. I had so many lights it required a second battery just to run the lights. The license plate on the back was BEARLY, which I had given to the Trike as part of my nickname.  When people would ask, how did you come up with that name for a Trike? I would to tell my friends it had such a powerful engine, it always felt like I was Bearly Riding. I enjoyed riding all around town and even to Charlotte. Bearly had an 8 speaker Bose Surround Sound system that could actually be heard from a block away. Many times me wife would join me on my rides, but she absolutely hated to ride on the interstate. One Sunday afternoon, we decided to head up to Ashville, NC with her cousin and his wife to enjoy some lunch on Lake Lure, which was a nice ride up the mountains and along the Blueridge Parkway. My wife decided to that she would ride in the car with her Cousin and his wife rode with me on the Trike. They lived just a few houses down the street from us in Newberry. When we left that morning, it took us about 2 hours from where we lived to reach Ashville, NC. She absolutely enjoyed riding with me. I had his and her helmets with speakers, microphones and stereo capabilities to listen to music as well as hold conversations and communicate with all the Truck Drivers on the highway. We always knew where the Police were hiding due to all the communications with the Truckers. Most Goldwing’s came equipped with CB Radios. She was much younger than my 2nd wife and always wanted to ride with me. Sometimes she would join me on a Saturday morning Poker Run with the Goldwing Club and we would be gone for hours. I know for a fact that my wife was extremely jealous of the relationship we had begun when it came to riding on Bearly. Sometimes, I would even take her cousin for rides. Over time, my wife resented me for having the Trike. The longer I had Bearly, the less and less she would ride with me. I guess I never really looked at it from her point of view. I was never trying to make her jealous, but anytime I typically went for a ride, her cousin’s wife was with me. So after having Bearly for about 3 years, we had a good friend that got killed by a car while riding. It was a Sunday afternoon and our Newberry Goldwing Club was on a poker run to have an early dinner. It was an extremely sad time for the Goldwing Club. Many of our members quit riding for many months and I actually lost some interest as well. I was becoming to much of a defensive rider. I came close a few times of getting hit myself even though the back of the trike was as big as a Volkswagen Beetle Bug and lit up the streets at night. I had almost $40 K invested in Bearly and wound up selling her at a Honda Goldwing Store for $30K. I rode for almost 3 years and had over 16,000 miles before selling the trike. Before I sold the trike, I decided to  take one long road trip to Miami, FL for an appointment with a client instead of flying. After I spent 2 days traveling down to Miami,  I decided to come back home the long way across Alligator Alley and up I-75 until I hit Atlanta and drove to Newberry on I-85 until I hit I-26. It was close to 14 hours of Riding. It was the most memorable road trip I had ever done in my life. 

During the early part of 2005, I broke my left foot in February bringing Valentine Candy to the grandkids. I walked out the home of my Step-son and proceeded down a group of stairs. When I got to the last step. I rolled outward on my left foot. Please keep in mind I was a huge man. I was still over 400 lbs. and when my foot turned and I fell to the ground, I actually remember hearing and feeling the bones break. I was so damn mad at myself. I was absolutely pissed at everyone. I was mad at the world due to the fact I knew this was going to lay me up for over 2 months or more. I had to have major surgery on my foot as the 4th & 5th metatarsal bones had literally broke in half, not just a fracture. By the time we got to the hospital, my foot was so swollen, they had to wait several days before operating. The pain was absolutely excruciating. Nothing seemed to give me relief. I could always feel my heart beating on my injured foot. I had the best Foot Surgeon in Newberry. He knew the pain was going to be so great that he even made house calls for several weeks to change bandages so I would not put any of my enormous weight of 400+ lbs. on my left foot. The rehab to learn how to walk again literally took me almost 4 months to get back to normal.

Will to Live – Anger, Lust, and Gluttony – Part 46

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