Will to Live – Anger, Lust, & Gluttony – Part 46

After battling rehab for my broken foot, I had another very serious health scare. If you remember from a previous post I made, in 1983 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Testicular Cancer. It had spread throughout my body and settled in to 39 Lymph Nodes and both Lungs. I was given between 3 and 6 months to live. By the Grace of God, much Prayer and several fabulous Oncologists along with some serious Chemotherapy, I managed to live. In September of 2005, I began to feel my other testicle become enlarged and extremely swollen. OMG, I thought my Cancer had returned after almost 21 years of being cured. After searching for a Urologist in Charlotte, NC, I was diagnosed with a left Testicle Hydrocele and not Cancer. What a sigh of relief!! – Although, I did need to have surgery. It was absolutely the worst pain you could have imagined. In order to repair the hydrocele, the Doctor explained he had to cut the scrotum from one end to the other. I was so angry that I had to deal with this problem. In my quiet time, I kept crying out to God, “Why Me??? Have I not had enough sickness in one man’s lifetime”. At the time, I was so mad at God I quit going to Church. I finally had the required surgery to repair the torn hydrocele. After a few days in the hospital, I returned to Newberry for several weeks of recovery. I had to sit with both of my legs spread open due to all the packing to keep any infection down. After 2 days being home from the hospital in Charlotte, I began to run some very high fever – close to 105* and the pain was absolutely off the charts. Unfortunately for me, I had come down with a MRSA Staph Infection. I was brought to the nearest hospital, which was Newberry Hospital  by ambulance due to the fact I could not walk due to the excruciating pain. I was placed in ICU and quarantined for several days. Due to the seriousness of the infection and being contagious, I could not see anyone for 3-4 days until the fever and infection went away. I was a mess. Needless to say, I was not able to work for several weeks. Thank God I was working for someone that understood. Between my broken foot and this hydrocele repair, I missed almost 6 months of work. Once I finally came home from the hospital, I decided to try and lose weight again. It was so difficult to get around. Between still recovering from my broken foot and now this, it took me forever to sit or stand. So instead of losing weight, I began to put even more weight on. I was basically immobile. I was eating my ass off due to no exercise along with complete boredom. While I was home and couldn’t really do too much, my neighbor would come and visit with me for several hours a day. Sometimes she would go out and bring things back for me to eat or bring a leftover dish from what she had cooked the night before. My wife was home a lot, but she still had to keep her own job going. She worked for a Fixture Company that sold products to the Supermarket Industry. Her territory was in the Southeast US, which required some travel between North Carolina down to Florida. After I got better from this last surgery, she decided she did not want to retire in Newberry. In all honesty, I think she wanted to get out of Newberry due to the relationship I had with her cousin’s wife. We were just very good friends. I guess on the surface it appeared to be more than it actually was, but I did like her a lot. So we decided to start investigating our options of renting or selling the Newberry Home. At the same time, we began to look in the Northeast Area of Charlotte, NC known as Concord, NC.

Will to Live – Gluttony & Pride – Part 47

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