Will To Live – Gluttony – Part 3

My battles with Food continued at Military School. I realized I was fighting some depression. I turned 13 years old and was Homesick. I was a momma’s boy and I missed my friends back home. In school, I was always a pretty good student. My mother put the fear of God in me about my studies. As a teacher and educator, she always said, Son, the difference between a Grade C and Grade B is 10 more minutes of studying and the difference between a Grade B and Grade A is another 10 minutes after the very first 10 minutes. You see, my Mom would not allow any excuses for poor grades. She would say Son, you have a bright mind and great future, please USE IT!! – LOL – I still hear her to this day. In my 8th Grade year at GCMA, I was awarded the Torch of Knowledge. This was an award that was given to the Cadet with the highest grade point average. Although my grades were good and I learned more about discipline than anyone needed, I managed to still have this ongoing love affair with food that I almost care not to mention!! I couldn’t stop the Sugar Addiction. I kept gaining weight and eating more than the average teenager would need to eat to live. I was starting to become a closet eater, hiding the crazy amounts of food I was consuming. After graduating with Honors from Gulf Coast Military Academy, my Mom decided I should continue this journey at another Military School. We visited several schools in the Eastern United States and chose MMI, in Marion, AL. MMI was short for Marion Military Institute, near Judson College. She liked the fact the classes were small and they only had 15-18 Cadets in a Class. Back home, my friends were going to school at crazy times. Some were even platooning, which divided up the classes into early morning or late afternoon. The Public Schools in Metairie, LA were just over crowded. Sometimes a class would have as many as 40 students; not good by any standards for a teacher. The summer before going to High School in Alabama, I played on the Dixie Youth baseball team at Girard’s Playground. I loved all sports, but was  pretty good at baseball. I was a lefthander, so first base was my goal to play. After tryouts, I was selected to be the 1st Baseman and wound up being the 4th Batter in the line-up, also known as the Clean-up Hitter. I had a decent season with @ a 290-300 Batting average, and hit a record 8 homeruns and @ 24 RBI’s, Runs Batted In. I had to hit the ball far and over the fence so I could slowly make my way to first base. It was a miracle if I made it to 2nd base due to my weight. Even when I would hit a baseball near the homerun fence, it was struggle. Some kids would still make fun on me on the other teams, but I was liked very much by my coach and most teammates. I was probably the only kid that could hit a ball in left field and only make it to first base. Although I was not much of a runner, I was still selected to be on the All Star Team due to my hitting and catching and was allowed to play on on the traveling team that competed against other playgrounds in the surrounding area. We placed second so it was a pretty good summer.

Will of Man – Gluttony – Part 4 – to be continued!!

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