Will to Live – Gluttony w/ a Touch of False Pride – Part 14

After returning to work, the Bakery Manager had decided to train me for other responsibilities in the Bakery. I began to learn how to Bake Cakes, Cookies, Brownies and Pies. The only problem in the beginning I encountered, is I had to start work during the middle of the night. My new hours went from a good shift in the morning from7:00 AM – 4:00 PM to a night shift that Started at Midnight. I would work my shift until all the Cakes, Pies, Cookies and Icing were completed. Sometimes, I would work a 10 or 11 hour shift, 6 days a week. It was an incredible raise, plus I got more monies, $5.85 per hour plus an additional  $.25 more per hour for working at night. I was rolling in the dough, I mean Cake – LOL. Sometimes I would have over 20 hours of overtime in one week. My paychecks were starting to look great. In 1979, I was making about $425 per week for about 60 hours worked. At the time, I was 19 going on 20 in December. I actually enjoyed the night time baking. I was given a list of cakes and icing to mix or bake and I was able to work at my own pace. My compulsion for food found a new friend. I developed a habit for eating Raw Cake Batter. I know people have experienced raw cookie dough, some in the form of Ice Cream. Let me tell you, I loved Raw Cake Batter. I sometimes would eat up to a Cup of Batter per mix. Please do the math. My night list could include 50 lbs. each of White Cake, Yellow Cake, Chocolate Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Carrot Cake and Brownies. That would probably mean I was consuming between 7-10 cups of Raw Cake Batter on any given night. Sometimes, well often, I would double dip, which meant I was consuming 2 Cups of Batter on my favorite Cakes, White, Yellow, & Brownies w/ Nuts. It was amazing and talk about a Sugar High!! – SMH. What the hell was I doing to my body?? I can’t even imagine how many calories I was consuming. Well, I got really good at Baking Cakes and Mixing Icing. Our new Director of Bakery took notice. He was new to National / Canal Villere, but took a liking to me quickly. Just before my 20th Birthday, he asked me if I wanted to transfer to Store #83. This store was located on Robert E. Lee near Lake Pontchartrain. He needed a Bakery Manager and I was his pick. My new responsibilities would change drastically. My paycheck would change as well. I was being promoted to a Bakery Manager and my new pay scale was $9.00 per hour working 48 hours per week. My new duties were to include, Ordering, Scheduling of Employees, Writing the Production list for all Bakers, Cake Decorators and Donut Fryers. I was in heaven. I had 12 employees working for me.  My new job was sweet – Pardon the Pun!!

The only problem I encountered was the position went to my head. During my previous years of working together with all bakery employees, I let the title of Bakery Manager make me feel I was better than most other bakery employees. I would start my day at 7:00 AM, sometimes taking a two hour lunch, and would end the day about 4:00 PM in order that I was home to have dinner. I was a horrible manager in my first few months. I did nothing but Eat, Drink Coffee, BS with Customers, and basically walked around the store all day being a Boss. I learned a very quick and real lesson. The Bakers, Cake Decorators and Donuts Fryers were not really working as hard as they were when I first arrived. I basically let my False Pride get in the way of who and what I truly was, a young man that was a good baker. My job as Bakery Manager didn’t last long. The employees started to complain and eventually I found myself back at Store #93 as a Cake Baker Again!!

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