Will to Live – Greed, Anger, & Envy – Part 42

My daughter was really doing very well in her job. She was keeping her apartment very nice. During this time period, I had been traveling a bit for work and I got a call from her and she asked if we could meet and talk. I promise you, I had no idea what she wanted to talk to me about. We met at her home and she was visibly crying. I didn’t know what to think. My daughter was in one of those hysterical cries where you can’t catch your breath. I said to her, you need to calm down and let me know what’s wrong. All of sudden she turns to me and without skipping a beat proceeds announce that she is Pregnant. At the time, this was probably the furthest thing from my mind. I always thought she had spoken to her Mom about birth control pills. I always knew my daughter was having sex due to the fact when she came to live with us, she had several STD’s, which had been cleared up over 4 months. My daughter was really shaken up. In my calmest voice, I said to her, look this is not the end of the world. I asked her how she found out she was pregnant and she told me she was late for her monthly cycle. She proceeded to tell me she bought one of those home pregnancy test and it tested positive for being pregnant. I had to step back a bit and re-group my thoughts. I asked her if the young man knew anything about this?? And like any typical Dad, I asked that all too crazy question. By the way, knowing a bit of your background, is he the only one you have been having sexual relationships with or is there a possibility someone else is involved. I got that look from my daughter as if I were trying to insinuate that she was a slut and slept around with several different men. I asked her not to mention anything to him until we could get her set up with an OBGYN that could confirm that she was actually pregnant. My daughter had very good insurance with Lowes Home Improvement. Of course, now this was going to change many things. Immediately, I told her she needed to quit any drinking wine or alcohol or smoking of any kind, whether it was cigarettes or marijuana. We finally met with a good Doctor and she did confirm that she was indeed 2 months pregnant. She broke the news to her Mom as well as her friend . My ex took the news okay, but not actually jumping up and down as we were both trying to get her to get her life together before trying to bring another life into this world. As for the young man, he was not happy about the news. He actually kept talking to daughter about getting an abortion. If anyone knew my background, this was not in the cards at all. I met with him one on one. We had a nice civil conversation. I explained to him that daughter was going to have the baby and if he didn’t want to be involved, that was okay. But I wanted one thing in return. He was like what?? I want you to sign any parental rites over to her if you do not want to be involved in this child’s life. He agreed to sign the papers. My daughter and he ended their relationship as quickly as it started. I asked her to not go in and out of his place of business at that Waffle House. She cooperated with my request. I told my daughter that I would make sure she was well taken care of and that we would do everything in our power to help her along as best as we could. Her pregnancy went along fairly well. She did have some morning sickness. but not to the extent that it kept her from working. She began to eat healthier and was on all the necessary pre-natal vitamins. I was always close to my daughter growing up. As a matter of fact, I helped the doctors deliver her when she was born. Having said that, as she reached her 2nd trimester, she asked me to be her birth coach. My daughter wanted me to be in the delivery room with her when the baby was born. We had all the necessary tests done including the ultrasound. We found out that she was going to have a baby boy. As time got closer to delivering this Baby boy, I started to get the “Paw Paw” Baby fever. As always, I decided to go overboard. In the beginning, my daughter would either bring clothes to our home or use the washeteria in the complex for cleaning her clothes. I decided to give her several wonderful gifts. I bought all new Baby Furniture, Beautiful Bassinet, Car Seat, Stroller, and just about anything you can think of that she would need to have at home for a newborn baby. I also purchased her a brand new bed, washer and dryer so she could keep up with all the necessary washing at home without having to travel all over the city. As happy as I was about having my first grandchild, my 2nd wife was not as supportive. She never argued with me due to the fact it was going to be a waste of time. Unfortunately, daughter was not her  favorite person. During the time she had lived with us, she decided to help herself to moneys she was saving for her grandchildren’s college education. Over time, I made my daughter pay back every cent, but the relationship had become strained. Down deep I understood. It just made things a little bit difficult for me. My daughter was always my sweet downfall, my Home Angel and Street Devil, and I was trying to make things better for her since I always felt like I abandoned her when I left Metairie to move to Charlotte. She always had a way of making me feel like I was the bad guy. With all the shit she had put me through, my 2nd wife was always envious of the relationship I had with my daughter. I guess I just wanted the best for my daughter and new grandson and no one was going to get in the way. My daughter had just turned 22 years old two weeks before the baby was born. My grandson was born on Wednesday, July 30th, 2003. I was in the delivery room and he was an absolutely beautiful and healthy baby boy. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I was to have a grandson, even if he was born out of wedlock. At the time, all I wanted was my daughter to be healthy, the baby to be healthy and everyone to be happy – WISHFUL THINKING – End of Story for this Chapter!!

Will to Live – Gluttony, Anger, & Sloth – Part 43

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