Will to Live – Lust and Pride – Part 68

Soon after all the initial shock wore off with my relationship with Jeri and my time spent with the Doctor in Tampa discussing my sensitivity issues in an office environment, it was time for me to head back home to New Orleans for a visit with my family. During this time, I also had a Food Show in Baton Rouge for Associated Grocer’s, which purchased Donuts from me for many years. AG Baton Rouge was run by one of my fellow Co-Workers from my days at National Tea Company. He also worked at McKenzie Bakery for my best friend over 30 years ago. It is such a small world.

I decided to stay at my Aunt and Uncle’s home for a few days before heading to Baton Rouge. I made plans to stay at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Baton Rouge, which was near the Convention Center and was also the host hotel for this AG Winter Buying Show. Due to my Diamond Level Status, I was placed in the Presidential Suite overlooking the Mississippi River. The room was absolutely huge complete with a stocked Bar, Conference Table for 12, a Complete living Room as well as a separate bedroom with a  King Size Bed and Jacuzzi Tub. AG always had a nice social event for the Suppliers to mingle with the Customers and Buyers for AG. This was a Co-op, so the customers were actually part owners of AG Baton Rouge. During the social event, I mingled with several of my customers, but one lady in particular had always taken a liking to me. She owned a couple of AG stores, one in New Iberia and the other in Centerville, LA. This was Sugar Cane Country. I had met her and 2 store managers at several of these events before. After the social was over, I realized they were also staying at the Hilton. After a few drinks at the bar, I invited all 3 ladies up to my room to see a breathtaking view of the river. It was easy to persuade them due to having a fully stocked bar. One f the ladies decided to turn in for the night, but the other 2 came up to the room. I started fixing more drinks for all of us that evening. We sat on the balcony overlooking the river. We all talked about each others lives. One of the ladies had been married 5 times and had 6 kids from 6 different guys. The other had been married twice before and had 1 daughter, from her second marriage, whom had passed the year earlier. We all had a lot of fun. The next thing you know, I had a bet with one of the ladies and she lost. I proved to her I had 11 fingers and she got up and had to give me this incredible Kiss for losing the bet. I know I was taken back. I burst out laughing and said well okay. I’m glad you got that out of your system. We all had to be at the show for 8:00 AM. Well needless to say, I was the only one out of the 3 of us that attended the show for 8:00 AM. They never showed up until 1:00 AM due to nursing serious hangovers. As a matter of fact, I remember them only staying at the show for several hours before retiring back to the hotel to sleep. That evening, the Associated Grocers held a nice supper dance which we all attended. I spent the evening socializing again with them. The next morning I flew back to Saint Petersburg, FL feeling pretty good. It didn’t take me long to forget about my last fiancé  after several days in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We continued our long distance conversations during the next few months. She had invited me to go to the Bahamas with her in late October, but I had several business appointments during that time period and had to pass on this trip. I kind of liked her and quickly realized money was never an option for her. She told me the 2 of them always traveled together. Ever since her husband passed away, she would sometimes say let’s go to Las Vegas, Florida or some place that had drinking, good food and gambling. That was the one thing we had in common; alcohol, cards, and we all loved a great dining experience. I continued my conversation with her on a daily basis for several months. At the same time, I had to go back in forth to Charlotte, NC due to my divorce from my second wife. It was becoming extremely costly for us. I didn’t know about her attorney fees, but mine were averaging nearly $1,000 – $1,500 per month depending on all the motions that were filed and how many times my attorney had to go to court. It was absolutely ridiculous. In late October, she was on her 3rd attorney because she kept losing the battles in court. My fight with her in court lasted over 7 total years and cost me over $250,000 in Attorney Fees.

Will to Live – Lust, Greed, & Pride – Part 69

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