Will to Live – Lust, Anger & Pride – Part 71

I drove my vehicle non stop for 13 hours from Saint Petersburg, FL to New Iberia, LA  a week before Christmas. She was very excited to have me move in with her. She even provided me with an office very similar to what I had in Charlotte, NC. We began our relationship in typical fashion. We were romancing each other like 2 young adults trying to impress each other. When I arrived, she had decorated the bathroom with an LSU Christmas Tree and had special linens for me to use. I felt extremely comfortable in her home. She also made room for my Baby Grand Piano and we placed my LSU Pool Table at the camp along with the spare bedroom  I had purchased. She seemed to be very happy that I moved in with her, but needless to say, her daughter and son-in-law were not very happy. I could tell her daughter felt threatened by my presence. She refused to even give me an opportunity to meet her, her husband and the 2 children as if I were some kind of criminal. It made the holidays very uncomfortable. That Christmas, my Daughter, Son-In-Law and Grandkids came out to the camp for dinner and actually stayed a night. One of the store mangers had brought her daughter for dinner as well. I had an opportunity to meet her brother and sister-in-law. I didn’t want her to feel left out, so early Christmas morning she went over to her daughters home and spent time with her daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. Down deep, I really felt left out. I wanted to be a part of a family, but from the very beginning, the first time I met her daughter, she didn’t like me. As a matter of fact, as time went on, the relationship I had with her mom became very strained due to her daughter. When I first moved in with her, her daughter was the store manager of one of her Grocery Stores. It got so bad, that she didn’t want me to even visit the store while she was working. Over the next several months, they were having difficulty and arguing all the time. Over time, the daughter was finally let go from the store. her and her mother were in constant arguments over inventory, ordering, and scheduling of employees. I felt extremely bad about what was happening between her and her daughter. In the back of daughter’s mind, she thought I was with her mom due to financial reasons. She was worried if I married her mom one day that it would cut into her inheritance. I knew down deep that she was financially set from inheritance as well as hard work from her two stores, but I was not with her just for money. We had a lot of things in common. We both loved LSU and Saint Football, both loved to gamble and we enjoyed cooking at home as well as eating out.

In March of 2013, I decided to give her a nice ring. It was not an engagement ring, but a very nice piece of jewelry. It was my way of saying you are my lady now and maybe one day, the two of us could possibly get married. It was absolutely crazy that I had everyone’s support including my own family, but I could not win her daughter over. Things got so out of hand, that we reached out to a Social Worker for guidance in how to handle the situation with her daughter. After about 3 months, She was able to talk her daughter into visiting the Social Worker. Well that went over about as good as anyone could believe. Her daughter was right and everyone else in the world was wrong. The Social Worker told her that her mother was entitled to be happy and she should not be interfering or keeping the grandkids from their grandmother. It seemed like forever, but she stood her ground and went several months without seeing her grandkids. This was so wrong to be doing this to her as well as the grandkids. I tried several tactics from writing a letter, to sending a note via Facebook, but nothing seemed to work. The only thing that happened they kept trying to investigate me like I was a criminal. It got so hot and heavy that her son-in-law even tried to contact my cousin and left a message on her phone. At this, I had to step in and contacted his job. The company apologized for his actions and he was suspended for sometime. I didn’t want him to lose his job, but it came extremely close. All this did was made the relationship between them even more distant than it already had become. It was an absolute mess. On the other hand, We were becoming extremely close and began talking about marriage. My divorce from my 2nd wife finally came through, so there was no reason that we could not get married if this is what the two of us wanted. What made matters even worse, she had found a new home she began looking at for the two of us to have a fresh start. The home she had was a bit small for us and the massive furniture we had. I know it would have been best for us to stay put in the home we were living at in New Iberia, but the thought of living in a beautiful home was very nice. Before we moved, she always knew that I loved Bulldogs. I spoke to her about possibly getting one someday. We began to look around and just about a mile from where we were living,  a lady and her husband were Bulldog breeders. We decided to go look at some new born Bulldogs. I was in absolute heaven, until I heard how much they wanted for a Bulldog. She decided to go in half with me and we picked out a baby Bulldog. I always wanted a Bulldog, but due to the amount of travel, I could never have one in my previous marriage. I will never forget the day we brought our Bulldog home. I decided to name her Ms. Bluebell. That’s right, you guess it, I named the Dog after my favorite Ice Cream, which I was consuming on a daily basis. Speaking of consuming, I was beginning to put my weight back on again. Between all the stress of the divorce from my 2nd wife, moving across country to be with her, and the stress from her daughter was putting on her mom, I was back to my old habits of eating and drinking. I know in the first few months of living with her, I gained about 35-40 lbs. Some would call it being in love, I called it my go to. I loved to eat. Food loved me and I loved food. No getting around that fact.

Will to Live – Lust, Anger, Gluttony and Pride – Part 72

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