Will to Live – Lust, Envy & Pride – Part 63

Before I moved into my new apartment in Saint Petersburg, I decided to put all new carpet and have the unit entirely painted. I picked out all the carpet and paint in Charlotte and coordinated with the property manager to let the Lowes Crew into the unit before I arrived with all my worldly belongings. The 2 owners of the apartment didn’t mind at all. It was nice to know everything would be updated and I was able to paint the walls the color I wanted. The project only cost me about $4,000 to complete. The next order of business was to purchase a brand new Baby Grand Piano. I had left the Piano I had purchased with my 2nd wife back in Charlotte. I decided to visit the Yamaha Dealer a week after I moved to Saint Petersburg, FL. I knew exactly what I wanted. I bought a 6’1″ Baby Grand Yamaha Player Piano w/ the Piano Discman. It actually played 128 different instruments including strings and drums. I wanted to have the best of the best. I had several CD’s & 401 K Stocks that gave me liquid cash, close to $200,000. My pride had gotten the best of me. I wanted everyone including my new fiance  to think I was a wealthy man and had plenty of money. Unfortunately, it was just the opposite. I was spending money faster than I could make it. I just wanted to be liked by anyone and everyone. In the back of my mind, money was power. It was nothing for me to go out at night and buy everyone a round of drinks in the local bar known as Smugg’s that I would visit on Tierre Verde.

Once I moved into my new place, I realized next to the Starbucks Coffee Shop was a Spa. It was actually named after the owner. I decided to book a massage at the Spa. I was spoiling myself left and right. I enjoyed the Spa so much, I was getting Massages 2-3 times per week, Manicures and Pedicures weekly as well as haircuts whether I needed it or not. I just became addicted to being treated like a king and I didn’t want it to stop. I soon became great friends with the lady that owned the Spa and her husband. We all decided to go out one night together. I rented a stretch Limo just for all of us to go out for the night. I just wanted to impress everyone I was with, it didn’t matter who. I even had friends of mine tell me that she didn’t know what to think, but she was holding on for the ride of her life. In late July, only 4 weeks after I moved to Saint Petersburg, I decided to pop the question to her and asked her to marry me. I took her to a very nice Seafood Restaurant known as Watercolour Grillhouse on Sand Key in Clearwater Beach. She didn’t hesitate one second and said she would be happy to be my wife someday. I was on top of the world. We talked about a lot of different things that evening at dinner. My marriage to both wives, her past marriages, her son, my daughter and the list was endless. I guess I had her living in a fairyland. The following day I took her shopping. When she pulled up to my apartment, she was driving this old green truck that look like it was on its last leg. I went down to meet her and noticed that all 4 tires needed to be replaced and I could tell from the looks of things, this truck was going to die at any moment. She came up to the apartment and during the dinner that night, I asked her a point blank question. If you had your choice of vehicles, what would you buy? She kind of chuckled and said I always wanted a yellow jeep. I have wanted one since I was old enough to drive, but as a single Mom for the past 10 years, I could never afford a Jeep. I just listened and never said a thing. She was making different trips back and forth to my place. We had decided that she was going to move in with me permanently. A few days later, I went and leased her a Brand New 2012 Yellow Jeep fully loaded. I put $6,000 cash down on the jeep and my lease payments were only $200 per month. I thought she was excited about the Engagement Ring until I purchased the Jeep. She was like a kid in a candy store. She couldn’t wait to show all her friends what her new fiancé did for her.

Will to Live – Anger & Envy – Part 64

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