Will to Live – Lust, Greed & Envy – Part 61

After an incredible weekend with everyone, I decided that I would plan a long weekend in Saint Petersburg, FL. I was getting a lot of people turning against me at Church and even in our neighborhood. My wife had been telling everyone that I locked her out of her home and made her live in her car for many days before her son took her in to his home. That was all a bunch of BS. She never spent one night in her vehicle.

The next day after she left to return home, I decided to make Hotel Reservations at the Hilton in Downtown Saint Petersburg for 5 days and 4 nights the second weekend in June. She told me about one of her good friends was turning 40 years old. She asked me if I could help her plan a great surprise birthday party for her at the Island Way Grill Restaurant. The only problem is that she had tried to get reservation for that Saturday night, but they were booked solid. I figured I would give it a try. I called and asked the General Manager and told him I needed reservations for about 10 people for a 40th Surprise Birthday at 8:00 PM. The GM explained that he was booked solid for that time slot, but if we could come at 9:00 PM, he would be able to accommodate me and have a private table set up for the group by the water. He also said he would make sure to have extra fans placed near us due to the extreme heat wave in June. When I told my friend about the news, she was absolutely elated with joy. I knew this would truly please her so to kick the party off even better, I decided to rent a Super Stretch Limousine that would hold up to 12 people very comfortably. I also called in a 100,000 Hilton points to book 2 other rooms at the hotel for her friends for that Saturday night. I knew we would be drinking a lot that night, so I didn’t want to feel responsible for anyone driving home after an all night of eating, dancing and drinking. I had contacted a Limo company and got a great rate for 12 people in a Super Stretch Limo, $125 per hour for 6 hours. We had the Limo from 8:00 PM until 2:00 AM in the morning. All I could think was I was not only making brownie points with my friend, but all of her friends as well. That night, it had wind up being 10 ladies and me. OMG, I felt like a King with his own Harem. I had my 10 beautiful women and me in one Super Stretch Limo. Talk about feeling on Top of the World. I felt like King Mufasa of the Lion King. After all the birthday planning, I decided to go to a local bakery and make a special 40th Birthday Cake for the birthday girl and had it delivered to the restaurant. I never told a soul about this part, not even my friend. As soon as the girls all arrived at the hotel, they all checked into their rooms and naturally my friend stayed with me. I used points to pay for all the rooms including mine. I traveled so much, at the time I had over 1,300,000 Hilton Points, so I had plenty points to use for everyone’s room and not put a dent into my point total count. As a Diamond Level member for Hilton Hotel, the manager put us in the Presidential Suite, which had a huge bedroom with King Size Bed, Jacuzzi Tub that was large enough to hose an elephant, a fully stocked Wet Bar, conference table that would seat 12 and an additional living room with a sofa, 2 loveseats and 2 recliners. The Presidential Suite was actually as big as a 1200 square foot home on the top floor of the Downtown Hilton.

The party at the Island Way Grille was fabulous. The manager decided to start the night off with treating everyone to a free shot of their choosing, which was right up my alley. I picked up the tab for the entire night. Many of the girls offered to pitch in, but I wanted to impress everyone, which be the end of the evening, I accomplished what I had set out to do. I won all of her friends over. With tears in her eyes, I remember the birthday girl telling me she would never forget what I did for her 40th Birthday Party. It was a night to remember not only for her, but for me as well. After we left the restaurant, we went bar hopping for about 2 more hours. By the end of the night, we all had way to much to drink. I don’t even remember going to the room.

The next day. I had a huge hangover.  As I walked to the Starbucks located in the hotel the following morning to get a cup of coffee, I noticed a for rent sign for a 3 bedroom apartment at a place called the Madison, which was directly across from the Hilton Hotel. I called the number and that afternoon had an opportunity to check it out. I met with the Real Estate Lady before I left town and signed a one year lease. I decided at that very moment, I needed a huge change in my life. I had kind of fallen for my friend. Everyone back in Charlotte was giving me so much grief about my separation, I decided I would pack my worldly belongings and put the house up for sale. I did not need to live in a 3 story, 4,600 square foot home by myself. Of course, I got a lot of push back from my wife, but in the end, I prevailed even with a Court Order she tried to place on me. The judge ruled that the house was flipped upside down and I did not need to continue paying the mortgage. She gave her the opportunity to live in the home, but she could not afford the payment on her salary. I could have managed, but it would have taken a good chunk of my income. To be honest, I just wanted to get the hell out of Charlotte and this was the perfect out for me at the time.

Will to Live – Anger, Envy, Lust, & Pride – Part 62

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