Will to Live – Lust, Greed, & Pride continued – Part 70

On Monday, December 3rd, 2012, I flew to Mexico City, Mexico from Saint Petersburg, FL. I hired a special driver that was familiar with Americans coming from the US as a precaution due to the crime in Mexico. I even decided to take out the Kidnapping, Ransom & Extortion Insurance just in case anything was to happen to me during my trip. I stayed at the Hilton Hotel, which was in downtown Mexico City. Once I arrived, I met my International Broker in the lobby. He was the actual person that arranged for my hotel and limo driver coming to Mexico. He spoke fluent Spanish and had frequented the hotel often. I was in Mexico to meet with Walmart and Sam’s Club Mexico as well as tour and visit other local supermarkets. The Hilton Hotel had placed me in the Presidential Suite for 3 nights. I was to depart Mexico on the Thursday, December 6th. During my stay, the hotel realized it was my Birthday and had a bottle of Champaign, beautifully decorated cake as well as a fruit & cheese basket delivered to my hotel room. If I didn’t know any better, I was treated like a King or Special Royalty during my stay at the hotel. While I was in Mexico, I spoke with my friend in New Iberia several times and she told me how much she missed me and I should think about coming back to visit before the holidays. While I was in Mexico, I decided to book a flight that Friday, December 7th for a week long visit to New Orleans and New Iberia where she lived.  I flew back to Saint Petersburg, FL on Thursday, December 6th after celebrating my 53rd Birthday with my broker and the 2 buyers from Sam’s Club that drank me under the table. I had such a hangover the next day, I almost missed my return flight. The one thing I learned, no matter how much Tequila I drank in the US, there is nothing like Mexican Tequila. I think my head hurt for a solid week. After I got home, I packed my things to head to New Orleans. I didn’t even rent a car this time. My friend had picked me up at the airport. I didn’t even tell my family that I was traveling back to New Orleans in order that I could spend my time getting to know her during this trip.

While I was in New Iberia for the week, we had an opportunity to really connect. We spent time at her camp, her home, out on the boat, at the Casino and watching LSU Football. We had a lot of things in common. We both like to eat, drink, gamble and have a great time. I was starting to think that I was falling in love with her on this trip and I think the feelings were quite mutual. One night while I was with her, she and I both decided to live together. I realized being with her would also allow me to see my daughter and grandkids as well as my Aunt and Uncle more often than in the past. After my week long visit, I flew back to Saint Petersburg to begin packing my clothes and belongings to move to New Iberia. This was going to be my second big move in less than 7 months and this was going to Cost me another $11,000 to move my possessions. I called a few of my friends and told them I was moving back to Louisiana. I could hear in my friends voice she was disappointed I was leaving for the wrong reasons, but we really only went out twice, and the first time was an absolute disaster. I was leaving Saint Petersburg, FL for all the wrong reasons. It was obvious that she had money and down deep, I honestly believed I was on my way to becoming a kept man. A lot of times when she and I were together, she picked up the tab. I had never really had this happen to me before. I was always the guy pulling out his wallet and paying for dinners, drinks and whatever the heck was going on in my life. I was making great money at the time, but I was also spending more than I made. I had a young girl that was my cleaning lady that a friend had used and also introduced me too. I spent a lot of time with her going out as friends. She also knew everyone on Tierra Verde and also frequented Billy’s and Smugg’s often. I left most all the heavy stuff behind with strict instructions for her to finish packing my belongings to send to New Iberia. I told her once I received everything in good conditions on the other side, I would send her a check for $500 to help her out with her finances. She always seemed to be struggling and could never keep a job too long. My friend had let her go due to some disagreement, but I continued to use her while I lived in Saint Petersburg. On my way out, I called the 2 landlords I was renting from and they allowed me to break my lease due to the amount of monies I had spent on their apartment unit. I had heard within 4 weeks after leaving they sold the unit I was living at in Saint Petersburg, FL.

Will to Live – Lust, Anger, & Pride – Part 71

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