Will to Live – Lust, Greed, & Pride – Part 69

After returning to Florida, I heard about a Halloween Party that was going to take place at Smugg’s. I could not remember the last time I went to a Costume Party of any kind. I decided I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to attend alone. The weekend before the party, I ran into my friend at Billy’s one afternoon. I knew from past conversations, I was not her favorite person, but I got up the nerve to ask her to join me for this Halloween Party at Smugg’s. To my surprise, she said she would go with me to the party. Now the big question for me, what the heck was I going to dress up as for the party? Everyone knew me as Bear, but a Bear Costume would have been way to hot for Florida even in the cooler months. I decided to make this pretty easy. I went as a PIMP, “Player in a Management Position”. She dressed up as an Airline Pilot with thigh high boots. She looked absolutely stunning. After speaking with my friends, I decided to rent a Limo for the occasion. We invited a few more of our friends and her employees to go with us to the function. Having the Limo rounded out my Costume really well. I wore one of my suits, added a purple boa and had a hat.  Once I looked in the mirror, Pimp Daddy Bear was born!! – LOL. I met my date at a home nearby since she just moved into Isla, which was already extremely close to Tierra Verde. OMG, the ordeal of getting ready for the other girls seemed to take all night. Finally, at about 10:30, everyone else decided to hop in the Limo and we all drove over to Smugg’s, which was less than 3 miles away. It was the idea of having a Limo to enhance my Costume and partly to impress my date, since this was our kind of first date. As soon as we got to Smugg’s that evening, the Limo driver decided to stay in the parking lot. I had rented the Limo for 6 hours, so he did as I asked and parked the car. It took forever for us to get our first drink. After a few pictures with several friends, I walked around the back to take a hit or two of some Weed with a few friends. As I was walking back to the entrance of the Bar, my world began to spin. I was getting extremely dizzy very fast. I went to the nearest bench and sat down. I think the Limo driver realized I was in trouble of some sort. He came up to me and asked if I wanted him to drive me home. That was the last thing I remember. I left everyone at Smugg’s with no way to get home. They had all left their cars at my friends house. When I woke the next morning, I was still fully clothed except my shoes were down on the floor by the bedside. I looked at the clock and it was after 10:00 AM. The first person I called was my date that night. I knew she had to be pissed, but I had no idea what had happened to me. Once she finally answered the phone, I could tell she was not happy with me one bit. I listened to her grumble for a while and I begged her to meet me at IHOP so we could try to figure out what happened to me. I couldn’t apologize enough. I really screwed up any chance for a second date, but she decided to meet me at IHOP. We went through each others phones and realized I must have been slipped something at the Bar. I could not remember a thing. I had to square up with the Limo driver later that afternoon and apologized to him as well. I know I created problems for everyone that rode with me in the LIMO to Smugg’s. I was not only embarrassed about the entire situation, but I was extremely pissed to think someone had actually tried to drug me. We both think the drink might have been for someone else, but I never really knew what happened. It was all a big guess. Nothing on my phone or her phone showed a thing except for the last few pictures that were taken near 11:30 PM that night. The Limo driver told me he brought me home before midnight and that’s how this story ended.

After all the commotion from that night, I continued my conversation with a friend in New Iberia. I was already planning to travel to New Orleans to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter, 2 grandkids and Aunt and Uncle. She had invited me to come and stay by her place to have Thanksgiving dinner. So I rearranged my calendar to fly a couple of days earlier so I could spend time at  her home in New Iberia. We actually stayed at her camp and cooked a nice dinner. Her friend had a few of her children over, but her daughter and son-in-law wanted nothing to do with me. Her daughter told her Mom she had made a mistake to invite me over for a few days especially during the Thanksgiving Holiday. We became closer and closer. After I left her home, I went back to Saint Petersburg, FL. I had a trip planned to go to Mexico, which was actually 2 days before my Birthday. The week before I left, her and her friend flew over to Saint Petersburg to meet some of my friends on the island to make sure I was an okay guy. I know her daughter didn’t have a good word for me. They both stayed with me at my home at the Madison. I cooked one night for the 2 of them, baked a cake and naturally entertained on the Piano. We rented a Limo to go out one night together and she surprised me with an LSU Birthday Cake, which we brought over to Smugg’s and celebrated my 53rd Birthday. I brought them back to the airport on the Sunday as I was due to fly that Monday to Mexico.

Will to Live – Lust, Greed & Pride Continued – Part 70

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