Will to Live – Lust Pride & Envy – Part 59

The evening after she left our home with her clothes, the drama on Facebook got absolutely insane. She decided to find a picture of a Deadbolt Lock from a door and proceeded to post to the entire Facebook World, mutual friends and family members that her Asshole husband had changed all the locks, alarm codes and locked her out of the house. To make matters even worse, she posted she had to sleep in her car for several nights in front of her son’s home. None of this ever happened. From the first night she left our home after getting her things, she slept in her grandson’s bedroom at her son’s home. He was off away at college and she had home cooked meals, hot showers, and a roof over her head. She was the one that abandoned me for 5 days, not the other way around. If only she would have communicated where she was going for the 5 days instead of the shit she pulled with removing all the money from our joint banking accounts, the outcome might have been a lot different. Immediately, I not only moved the little money I had left, I began banking at BB&T, which was a different bank. We both had accounts at Wells Fargo before me moving to BB&T. To this day, I am so grateful to my boss for lending me the money to get back on my feet again. He never hesitated once. The following day, $10,000 dollars was wired into my new bank account at BB&T- no questions asked. He is not only a near and dear friend, but an incredible all around person. About 5 days later, things started to move very quickly with the Courts. Our Pastor at church tried talking to both of us about our marital situation. At one time. I wanted to try make our marriage work while she didn’t and vice versa. Bottom line, we just grew apart over the last 2 years we were married. It just got harder and harder for both of us to agree on anything. Please understand we never had any verbal arguments, we just quit talking. Pretty damn hard to argue when you don’t speak to each other. A few weeks later, on March 23rd, I received an official copy of our separation papers. In Concord, NC, we had to wait one year and a day to get our divorce.

On March 24th, I wasted no time at all. I had been talking about purchasing a brand new Mercedes Benz. I went to the dealership and knew exactly the vehicle I wanted; a 2012 E-Class – an E350 to be exact. I just had to make up my mind on the color. I was driving a 2004 Dodge Hemi with 160,000 miles, which I kept in Mint Condition over the last 8 years. I hated to purchase cars because I always felt I never received a fair market trade-in value for any vehicle I owned. My sales lady,  and I negotiated the price on the E-350 first before I began to negotiate on my Dodge Ram 1500. I hit it off with her from the first time we met. Come to find out, we were both from New Orleans and she was in the middle of going through a divorce too. The only difference was I had only been separated for about 3 weeks from my wife. After agreeing on the color, Iridium Silver, which was a very light silver with dark grey interior, I finally got the offer for my truck. The Used Car Sales Manager had agreed to give me $9,000 for my truck, which had just a bit over 160,000 miles, but it was clean as a whistle!! Having that much money on a trade-in, I didn’t have to come out of pocket with a dime. I had one stickler, my wife’s name was on the title of the truck. Oh no, I knew down deep she would never sign for me to get a Mercedes Benz after locking her out of the house. While I was signing all the papers with the Finance Manager, he asked me if my wife and I ever signed for each other on checks and other legal documents. I said all the time. We had been married almost 14 years and we signed for each other at the bank and other places. He said, no worries just sign her name and place your initials and sign your full name underneath hers where it says owner. She probably only drove the truck less than 5 times in the entire 8 years I owned the vehicle. After everything was done. it was time to celebrate. I looked at my sales lady and said, congratulations on selling me my first Benz and we shook hands. As I began to leave the dealership, I ran into the General Manger. I told him I actually had a very nice experience purchasing a car and felt I had a fair deal all the way around. He laughed and chuckled a bit. I heard you and my saleslady were both from New Orleans. I laughed and said isn’t that a coincidence. I said I’m heading out to celebrate my new car. He said, you should make her take you to dinner. She overheard our conversation and I immediately said, you made the sale, but now you are my date to celebrate. She looked at her boss and he so go ahead. So not only did I have a knew E-350, I had a Nawlins Lady to Celebrate with that very night!! She was a few years younger than I was, but graduated from Dominican High School, which was the sister school to Jesuit High School. She was 4 years younger than me. She was Class of 1980 and I graduated in 1976. What a fun night we had. I took her to the most expensive restaurant in Charlotte, NC. The drama with my 2nd Wife continues.

Will to Live – Lust, Envy, Greed, & Anger – Part 60

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