Will to Live – Pride, Envy, & Greed – Part 49

During the early part of 2006, my business with my company was doing extremely well, I had landed some incredible new business with a major Chicken QSR as well as a large Supermarket Cafe. I was involved with the development of 4 new sandwich bread carriers, 2 with the Chicken QSR and 2 with the Supermarket Cafe. My business had increased by almost $8 million dollars over the next year due to these 2 nice new accounts. At the time, I was working for my friend whom I had known for  a longtime since 1987. He was extremely understanding when I had my scare with the hydrocele repair as well as my broken left foot. I was having some of the best quarterly sales I had ever experienced since moving from the retail side of the Bakery Business into Manufacturing. My salary continued to increase as well as my commissions and yearly bonuses. This was a huge help with for us coming up with the 20% down payment needed to move into our new home in Charlotte, NC. During that summer, I decided to cash in some of my 401K. We decided we were going to have all new furniture in our home. We each had purchased custom Office Suites, a huge Master Bedroom Suite, a new Dining Room, as well as a Conversational Curved Leather Sofa and an oversized Lounge Chair. My motto: GO BIG or GO HOME. This was one of my biggest problems. I always had to have the best of everything. I guess you can say I had become a very materialistic person. Greed and Envy played a huge part in my furniture decisions. In the back of my mind, I wanted all my friends and neighbors to be jealous of the fancy things I owned. This was definitely more my fault than my 2nd wife. She was never a confrontational person and basically let me do what the heck I wanted when it came to Home Upgrades, Furniture, Cars, etc. Her main concern was to pick out the colors of the walls and carpet. That was fine with me. It didn’t matter what color was on the wall as long as I could have whatever I wanted. In the back of my mind, I was on Cloud 9. I felt like I was at the top of my game. We were the first couple to move into this new 4600 sq. ft., 3 story home that had the best of the best. My office actually had been converted from a 4th bedroom that opened from the side to an incredible front opening that included beautiful French Doors. The closet had been converted into walk-in shelving to hold office supplies. In the back of the room, I had custom cabinets built to make it look like a small library that blended in with the new office suite. It was absolutely stunning. The entire bottom part of this home had become my office and playroom, known as the Bear’s Den. I even invested in a Custom LSU Pool Table. If I remember correctly, we spent close to $40,000 on furniture and another $60,000 as a down payment. We were living way beyond our means. Yes, most of this furniture was paid in full, but we did go over board with the furniture. Of course, you can’t have all new furniture with out having Custom 3″ Blinds, Tailored Curtains, all New Bath Towels as well as all new Bedding for all 3 bedrooms. The Blinds alone were over $6,000. We were spending money like it was a flowing river. I must admit, we both had the Cadillac taste on a Chevy wallet. If I could teach anyone about my past experience of all this spending is that money does not buy happiness. Money can buy lots of material things only. The other thing money cannot buy is good health. I discovered this later in life. As the time got closer to moving day, we could not be happier. I felt like this was an investment home that we would one day sell and make a lot of money down the road. Well, that was not the case as the bottom fell out of the market just 18 months after we moved into our home. Many of you might remember the housing bust in 2007 through 2012. We bought on the high end and lost in the long run – this story to be continued in later writings.

Will to Live – Anger & Lust – Part – 50

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