Will to Live – Anger Continues – Part 40

I decided not to have conversation with my daughter for a few months. I was so distressed by her actions, that my 2nd wife and I decided it would not be in my best interest to have daily conversation. My daughter attempted calling me several times during these few months. In October of 1999, I received a call from my ex-wife Jane. She was absolutely beside herself. Over the past several months, my daughter had been in and out of the house. We I talked  for a few days and along with my 2nd wife, we agreed to move my daughter out of this partying and drug filled element and move her with us to Charlotte, NC. At the time, we were still living on Autumn Blaze Drive. Her mother brought her to the train station and put her on a train. It took almost 20 hours for my daughter to arrive in Charlotte, NC. I can remember us driving to the train station to pick her up at about 3:30 AM on an early Monday morning. Once we picked my daughter up, we stopped for a very early breakfast. Before she arrived, I told my 2nd wife the first thing I wanted to do was get her to a Doctor for a full examination to see what we were facing and what kind of drugs she was on while living on the streets of Metairie.

Just as I figured, my daughter came to us with Lice and several STD’s from multiple sexual partners. She was having unprotected sex, which could have led to HIV or Aids. I had my Doctor put the fear of God in her. I decided to take a different approach with my daughter. I practiced about as much tough love as a Dad could get. It was called the Golden Rule. This was something I would hear periodically from my own Mother. He or She whom makes the Gold makes the Rule.  After building our home in Charlotte, NC, I became very close to the store manager of the Lowes Home Improvement Store, which was about 3 miles from our home. Previously back in Metairie, my daughter had bounced all summer from one $5 per hour job to another. She would lose her job always due to something that could have been avoided, like showing up for work and actually doing work while at work. I met with the store manager and explained the situation I had with my daughter in Metairie. I said to him, ” down deep my daughter is really a great young lady, but over the past 3 -4 months she got mixed up with the wrong group after graduating high school. He asked me to bring her in for an interview. After meeting with her, the Store Manager for Lowes decided to take her under his wing. He gave her a job as a cashier. In front of me, he asked her how much money was she used to making as a cashier in a grocery store or convenience store back in Metairie. My daughter said the most she ever made was about $5.25 per hour and would only get about 20 hours per week. To my surprise, he asked her how would she like to start at $9.00 per hour and work 38-40 hours per week, with some overtime if the store needed. We were both overjoyed. We allowed my daughter to live with us for about 4 months. Things were truly starting to turn around for her. We decided to get her a used car from CarMax to help her get around town. I was not going to be a taxicab for my daughter and I sure was not going to let her drive my car or my 2nd wife’s car. At the time, we both had company cars or needed our cars for work. The holidays were slowly approaching. My daughter was doing very well at Lowes Home Improvement. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, it was not so good on New Year’s Eve. We were getting ready to go out and celebrate New Year’s with some friends. I knew my daughter was meeting a few of her friends for a get together at work. I noticed that she was a bit slurry in her speech as she was getting ready to back out of the driveway to leave. Down below in the front seat of her car, I noticed some wine coolers that were empty and others that were waiting for her to open and drink. At first, I asked her in a very nice tone, as she was getting in her car, to let me smell her breath to see if she had been drinking. She quickly denied me this request, locked her car door and started the car engine. God is my witness, this was not a smart move for her. I had no problem with her having a drink, but she was not going to drive that vehicle intoxicated. Well one thing led to another and before you know it, I reared my left hand back with the tightest fist I could make and punched out the window of the car and grabbed the keys from the ignition. Needless to say I scared the shit out of my daughter. She was upset and mad as hell with me, but she did not drive that night. Unfortunately, my hand began to swell very quickly. My wife and her girlfriend, whom was a nurse, said we needed to go to the emergency room. After about 2-3 hours of lecturing my daughter, I finally agreed to go the hospital for x-rays. Please keep in mind, this was the night of Y2K. Everyone had been freaking out about time, computers crashing and the calendar turning over to the year 2000. Once we arrived to the hospital, it was an extremely errie situation to say the least. Not one soul was around except for a few nurses and the ER doctor. As soon as he saw my left hand, he knew right away I had broken it. He was like, OMG, who did you hit. I was finally in a lot of pain. I explained to the ER Doctor what had happened a few hours before coming in to see him. He told me before even x-raying my hand, that I had what was known as a Boxer’s Fracture. I was like seriously. He joked a bit with me to help deviate the pain I was in at the time. He said and I quote, I was looking behind you to see what the next person was going to look like that you had hit with your fist. After all the x-rays came back positive, it confirmed what he originally thought. I had surely broken my left hand in 2 places and required a cast. After the cast was set and I was given a shot for pain, we all decided to continue our night out and headed downtown to celebrate the coming of the New Year 2000, Y2K. Unfortunately, my daughter spent the night watching TV. She was grounded except for work and back home for as long as I had to wear the Cast, which was about 7-8 weeks.

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