Will to Live – Anger, Greed & Envy – Part 37

I was doing extremely well in my new job at Cascade Cookie Company. I was actually starting to beat all sales expectations. During the summer, I sold cookie programs to Kroger, Harris Teeter  and Winn Dixie. The sales were up over 30% from the previous year and bottom line profits had increased as well. With all of this new and exciting business, I started to begin with minor Heart palpitations. I was already on a small dose of Heart Medicine that my doctor  had given me back in New Orleans. I decided to find a new Heart Doctor in Charlotte, NC. After much research on Heart Doctors, I met with one of one of the leading Heart Failure and Transplant Doctors in Charlotte, NC. Like always, my Greed and Gluttony for food had taken its toll on my heart and body.  The Doctor basically told me back in 1998 that I was way too heavy for such a young man and if I didn’t lose weight, I could possibly have a Heart Attack. At this time, I was not in AFIB or had ever been diagnosed with any kind of severe Heart problems. he decided to send me to a weight loss clinic in Charlotte, NC for help. I met with A Bariatric Doctor at Carolina’s Medical Weight Management. The doctor immediately realized I had an eating disorder and he quickly ran several metabolic tests on my kidneys and liver. Everything was out of limits. My kidney and liver functions were in dangerous levels. This scared the  “SHIT” out of me. I was approaching 40 years old and was basically in the beginning stages of Heart Trouble. Please understand, I was only taking Diabetes Medicine and one small dose of Heart Medicine at the time. Well that changed very quickly. I was now up to 5 pills a day. With the help of both Doctors, I started to lose weight. I met with several food dietitians that put me on a special meal plan for my height and desired weight.  I was told if I followed the program along with exercise, I would see results. I wound up attending weight management classes to learn how to eat properly all over again. My 2nd wife was extremely supportive never once ridiculing or complaining about my weight problem. I was always envious of other guys that could eat and drink whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. It really pissed me off. Time passed and I began to lose a significant amount of weight. I had reached a weight of about 440 lbs., which had now become my highest weight ever. If you remember, I started working for a Cookie Company. Well, meet the second Cookie Monster. I don’t believe a day ever passed without me eating several dozen cookies a day. It was always a sickness and my love for food superseded anything else in my life. It didn’t matter who, what, where, why, or how, I was going to eat. This new diet program, was helping me to change what had been a lifelong habit for over 20+ years. As the weight started to fall off of me, I felt better about the man in the mirror. Over the next year, I managed to lose over 150 lbs. I not only looked good, but I was feeling good. My weight went from 440 lbs. down to 290 lbs. Don’t get me wrong, I was still a big guy, but not Morbidly Obese. My Cardiologist and Bariatric doctors were pleased with my weight loss results. After losing the weight, the Heart problems really didn’t go away. The liver and kidney numbers greatly improved, but the doctor told me back then that I would one day need a Pacemaker and Defibulator due to the abuse I did to my body throughout the years. I listened, but I didn’t pay full attention. My 2nd wife was proud of me except for one small problem. I was beginning to get lots of compliments from ladies. Yes, I was always a friendly guy, but again, I never had these kind of compliments before. She felt threatened by my weight loss, mainly because of my doings. I became a bit cocky with my new look. This created some anxiety along with anger from her. Now that I look back on all of this, I was 120% wrong about my flirtatious ways and braggadocious about my weight loss. I was a compulsive person, so whatever I put my mind and body to do, you could almost consider it a done deal.

Will to Live – Gluttony, Anger, Envy, & Sloth – Part 38

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