Will to Live – Anger, Greed & Pride – Part 73

On December 20th, 2013, I decided to travel back to Saint Petersburg to begin looking for an apartment to rent. After I arrived back in Saint Petersburg, I spent 4 days and 3 nights at the Saint Petersburg downtown Hilton Hotel. While I was in town, I decided to call a few friends. I reached out to my old friends and I even called my friend I had tried to date. Once she answered the phone, she seemed a bit surprised I was calling her. She informed me she was not in town but in Pittsburgh visiting her Parents and family for Christmas. After my brief conversation, I explained to her that my marriage was ending with my 3rd wife and I was moving back to Saint Petersburg. She knew I had met a few friends the last time I lived here and so I guess you could say I was reaching out to let my friends know my marriage was a failure and I was moving back here. She seemed pretty shocked that I called her, but she was becoming a good friend. Over the next few months, we began to speak frequently on the phone. I was filling her in on more details of all the shit my 3rd wife had put me through over the past 7 months. I told her I had found a place in the Carillon area and I would be moving back as soon as the apartment was available. Upon traveling back to New Iberia, Christmas with my wife was very cold and awkward. We did exchange a few presents out of courtesy for the holiday, but it was just that. I began to feel unwelcome in a home that was no longer any part of me. The only reason I was even hesitant about moving back to Saint Petersburg I was going to miss Bluebell, the Bulldog we had purchased together. I knew in the back of my heart, she really was not serious about this wedding. I think we both were going through the motions. I wanted to be happy with a family and I think she liked the company.

We eventually saw the same attorney to begin the Divorce proceedings we used when I signed a Prenuptial Agreement before marrying my 3rd wife. I had no problem doing that for her. I did not want any part of her Grocery Store business. In the beginning, this was a business her Daddy had started and she expanded to another location. In late February, I began packing all my worldly possessions for the move back to Saint Petersburg. Once again, I was facing another $11,000 to make this move across Country. It was over 1,100 miles and approximately a 13 hour drive from New Iberia to Saint Petersburg, FL. After I said my final goodbyes on March 13th, I began the 2 day travel back to Saint Petersburg, FL. All the while, I had been in constant contact with my friends. I wanted a few people where I was moving to know I was on my way back to Florida. My daughter was not happy that I did not move closer to her and the boys in New Orleans, but down deep, I really liked living in Florida. Like I said before, I moved in with my 3rd wife for all the wrong reasons. I honestly thought I was not going to have any financial worries ever again. Maybe you could say down deep her daughter and son-in-law were right about me after all. I did have underlying reasons for begin with her.

I made great time traveling back to Florida. I stayed on the phone all day with my Aunt, my daughter , my best friend , as well my friend in Saint Petersburg. I left New Iberia about 1:00 PM in the afternoon and after 12 hours of almost non stop driving, I decided to stop at the Ocala Hilton Hotel. I actually called in 30,000 Hilton points to use that night. While I was in Ocala, I did make reservations for me to stay at the Hilton Hotel in Carillon on the morning of my arrival. I was not due to take possession of the Apartment until March 15th, 2014. When I left the next morning to continue my last 150 miles of driving, I called my friend and we talked for a while. I told her what my initial plans were when I arrived in Saint Petersburg. I went directly to the Azure Apartment home and signed the lease and did a walk through of the new apartment. She had to work that day, but we did agree to meet up later that afternoon at the Hilton. I invited her strictly as a friend to join me for dinner. I finally finished up and decided to check into the Hotel. Afterward, I began the usual by setting up my banking at Regions Banking and getting acclimated with the surrounding area. Later that night, I met her at the Hilton Hotel. Once she took a good look at me from a distance, she was in absolute shock. It been almost 15 months since we saw each other and I had gained over 120 lbs. and had no coloring. She actually told me I looked gray in the face.  I could tell from the look on her face that she was shocked and surprised. If you know her, she had no problem asking me WTF happened to me over the past 15 months?? How come you gained so much weight in such a short time??  To be Continued!!

Will to Live – Pride, Gluttony, & Sloth – Part 74


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