Will to Live – Anger – Like Never Before!! – Part 44

In April of 2004, we moved to our remodeled home in Newberry, SC. The contractor still had plenty things to do on the outside of the home, but the inside came out absolutely stunning. We sold our home in Charlotte, NC for almost a break even. We did put a lot of money into the landscaping that we were never able to recoup. With that said, the idea behind moving to Newberry was to save money for the future and get totally out of debt. One day coming back from a visit to see our grandchildren in Charlotte, NC, we were rear-ended by a lady that was not paying attention to us stopping for a pack of deer. Unfortunately, to get to Newberry you had to travel on country roads that had many deer running wild at all times. We were hit so hard, that I broke the drivers seat and flipped over. My 2nd Wife and I were both injured pretty badly. I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance and was hospitalized for a few days due to a serious neck injury along with 3 fractured ribs from hitting the steering wheel. At the time, I was driving a brand new 2004 Dodge Intrepid. The vehicle only had about 7,000 miles. She hit us so hard, the car had to be totaled. The entire back of the vehicle looked like an accordion. My wife suffered minor neck injuries from the impact as well along with bruising from the seatbelt. She was extremely upset. The police report stated that she was doing about 45 miles per hour when she hit us. Our vehicle was at a dead stop due to the numerous amount of deer that were crossing the street. It had to be a herd of at least 25 deer. I was so damn mad from this accident. Not only was my neck hurting, but I had injured my midsection where I had surgery from a previous Lymph Node Dissection. We were able to settle with her insurance company without ever involving any lawyers are going to court. This accident caused me to be out of work for nearly 6 weeks.

At first, my daughter was not too happy about us moving to Newberry, SC. We still saw her and my grandson quite a bit, sometimes as much as twice a week. Newberry was only 90 miles from where they lived and it only took about an hour and twenty minutes to get to her home. Although we moved away, I was still helping her to make ends meet as well as continued to pay for my grandson’s childcare.. As we were getting settled into Newberry, SC, we talked to my daughter about having his 1st Birthday Party at our newly remodeled home. At the time she seemed extremely excited to have the party at our home. I was so excited to be able to make my grandson’s 1st Birthday Cake. It brought such great memories back to me. My best friend and I made daughter’s 1st Birthday Cake, which was a 6 foot #1. The cake itself actually weighed over 80 lbs. in total. As for my grandson’s Cake, I decided to make a #1 as well, but not as huge. We talked about the guest list and invited about 50 people to come to our home for the Birthday Party. About 2 days before the party, I tried reaching my daughter. I got no answer from her phone and she called out at work. We both became extremely concerned. We could not reach my daughter at all. We got in my new 2004 1500 Dodge Truck, which I had just purchased and drove to Charlotte, NC. When we arrived at her apartment, I did not see her car. I had a spare key and decided to let myself into her place. When I went inside the home, it was absolutely empty. No signs that anyone had even lived at the place. Come to find out, her mother convinced her to move back to New Orleans with grandson. I was given no phone call, no notice, no nothing of her deciding to leave Charlotte and move back home to Mandeville, LA. I was so angry, hurt, betrayed and confused. This took a major toll on my health once again. After all I had done to help my daughter, she didn’t even have the gall to let me know that she was moving back home. I was devastated to know end. After learning of this move, I went several months before talking to my daughter. I had sent out invitations for a huge party for my grandson’s 1st Birthday. On our drive back to Newberry, we decided to have our guests over anyway. I made his Birthday Cake, along with finger sandwiches and vegetable tray. My grandson’s 1st Birthday Party went on as planned with only one exception, my daughter and grandson were not in attendance. Yes, I was devastated and embarrassed, but there was nothing in this world I could have done to change the final outcome. My daughter was an adult and she had every right to move back to New Orleans.

Will to Live – Anger, Lust, Gluttony & Greed – Part 45 

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