Will to Live – Anger & Lust – Part 50

During the end of 2006, it was a very weird feeling in our new home. The roads were not quite complete and we were the only couple living in the neighborhood. We were the very first to move into Christenbury Village. The first night I stayed in our home with her granddaughter, whom decided she would spend the night with me. It seemed so scary with no one else living or being in the neighborhood. The street lights were not totally complete on our street. I remember as if it were yesterday. I arrived with her granddaughter about 8:00 PM at night. Once we got settled and ready for bed, I decided to put on the heat in our home about 11:00 PM.  Her granddaughter was going to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor and I had nothing but a full size mattress – no frame, just mattress. All of a sudden, the Alarm System came on in our new home, screaming FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, PLEASE EVACUTE THE HOME!! – –  OMG, the next thing we both did was to jump up and run out the house. I could see White Smoke pouring out from the air vents. Good thing I had the alarm system installed before we moved in our home just to be on the safe side due to lots of new construction going on in the subdivision. I never thought about a fire. My phone started ringing off the hook, it was the fire department. Due to the neighborhood being so new, they could not find the streets in their map directory. Finally, I was able to guide them into the subdivision. It was crazy. They had 7 Firetrucks, 2 of which were hook and ladder units. By the time they got to my home, I was so ANGRY this was happening to a brand new home. I kept thinking, damn the first night I was staying in my new home and the son-of-a-bitch was going to burn to the ground. As soon as the trucks pulled up, fireman were running into the house with their boots and gear on. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, take your damn boots off. Needless to say, the carpet and floors were a mess. Please keep in mind the streets were muddy due to the construction and these guys just had entered a new home with rainy mud water on their boots. I was nearly in tears. Well, I came to find out, the home was not on fire. The Heat & Air company did not check the unit and test the unit. So unfortunately when I turned on the heat, all the installation dust that was in the heat and air ducts began to burn off. I felt so damn foolish. I neve once thought of this happening to a new home. Needless to say, her granddaughter was so scared that she called her dad to come get her. By the time the firemen had blown all the smoke from the inside the 3 floors, it was getting on 6:00 AM in the morning. I was so tired and angry, I decided it was time for an all you can eat buffet at Ryan’s. They had just opened about 2 weeks earlier. By now, my nerves had gotten the best of me. So the only thing I knew to do was to eat. I probably made anywhere between 3-4 trips with full plates. After I stuffed myself to past full, I decided to give the builder a call. The superintendent was on the job site at about 9:00 AM. When he walked into our home, I thought he was going to join me in crying. After he realized what happened, he basically decided to replace the entire 3 floors of carpet. Remember we had not officially moved in, so there was not any furniture except a mattress on the floor and some linens. If you think about it for a minute, imagine 15-20 fireman running in and out of your home with wet and muddy boots slinging all their equipment including axes and fans. I decided to head back to Newberry on a miserable stomach from the amount of food I consumed. We held off for another week while they replaced all of our carpets. What an experience that was in one’s lifetime. It’s easy to laugh about it now, but I promise you I had visions of this home burning to the ground. Ryan Homes, the builder was so upset this happened, they purchased us a brand new Green Egg with all the accessories. I even received a call from the division vice president apologizing for this mess.  – The Nightmare Continues!!

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