WIll to Live – Anger, Lust & Pride – Part 58

Soon after I returned from my Orlando trip, my wife took a trip to Boston, MA to meet with a Co-Worker. What I didn’t realize is this supposed Co-Worker was married, but he spent the day with my wife touring the city of Boston. She never once told me until she returned home this gentleman was a Co-Worker. He never included his wife or even mentioned he had a wife. After some investigations on my part, I realized my wife had this trip planned for a long time. I don’t even think the man was a Co-Worker or even married. He was just someone that she met at a food show whom was in the Store planning industry at the time. It really didn’t matter to me any longer. I still loved her, but I was not in love with her, so our marriage was going south to say the least.  In early December, we did go to Chicago for the Annual Christmas Party. This year, I was presented Salesman of the Year. The owners had presented me with a Check for $10,000 and a nice I-Pad to use when traveling. I was extremely thrilled with this award. It truly made me feel very appreciated. We spent the holidays together and things were very cordial. We exchanged Christmas Presents and spent the 2012 New Year’s celebrating with family and friends as we always did in typical fashion. Sometime in January, my wife decided to move her sleeping arrangements to the top floor. She blamed it on her severe Sinus Infections and a Bronchial Cough, which she had always had during this time of year. I knew this was not the case. I let it go on for a few weeks and finally I gave her an ultimatum. I told her, you either move back downstairs in our bedroom and sleep in the same room with me or we need to part ways. I did not marry her to live as if we were brother and sister, but this is how we had been acting for about the last 6 months or better.

In late February, She decided to leave the house and not tell me where she was going or whom she was going with. I got a note on the refrigerator saying she would be gone for a few days. Nothing else about her whereabouts at all!! This was the first time she had pulled a stunt like this. In the past 13 1/2 years we were married, we always told each other where we were going and how long we would be gone. She never said if this was a business trip or personal. Soon after this happened, money started leaving our account. Serious amounts of money, like $15,000 from our savings and $4,000 from our checking account. She even took a line of credit out on the property we had in Newberry, SC. for $17,800. I knew the marriage was over. As I look back on the chain of events, I even had to borrow money from the owner of my company for $10,000 because she had only left me with a few hundred dollars in our bank account. The first thing I did was seek an attorney. I found an excellent female Family Lawyer in Concord, NC. I had to come up with a $5,000 retainer fee. After my attorney and I met, due to the unusual behavior my wife had been doing with money, my attorney advised me to have the locks and alarm code changed on our home. So while she was out of the house and me not knowing her whereabouts, I had the alarm code changed, all locks changed on exit doors and garage door activated to a different code where she could not get in to the home. Needless to say, when she decided to come back home 5 days later, she had a huge surprise. She could not get into the home she once lived. During those few days, I filed for divorce and had her served immediately at her son’s home with a restraining order not to come 500 feet from me or the house. She was pissed to say the least. I was not at home the first time she called the Police to try get into the home. When she finally decided to call me, I answered her call and the language was so incredible, I care not to mention, but you can leave it to your imagination. Finally, a nice Police Officer called me and politely ask if I would come let her get some of her belongings out of the house. I finally agreed. He told me she had a right to her things. When I pulled up to the house, I was immediately searched for weapons. I had a permit to carry a gun. she knew it, but what she didn’t realize is I had sent all my guns that weekend to a gunsmith to have professionally cleaned. The officer saw my Concealed Permit and I showed him the receipt for where the guns were being cleaned. She made it sound to him that I was a violent man and would somehow hurt her. After 20 minutes, She took her things and left, but the foul mouth was so bad, the police officer told her to shut up or she would be going to jail for disturbing the peace. I never said a word to her. I just smiled and as soon as she got in her car, I said, see you in court.

Will to Live – Lust, Pride, and Envy – Part 59

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