Will to Live – Gluttony, Anger, & Sloth – Part 43

After a few days, she came home from the hospital with her new bundle of Joy.  Not because he was my grandson, but I thought he was an absolutely adorable healthy baby boy. My grandson had some of the best lungs in the nursery. He had no problem waking all the other babies that were sleeping in the nursery. LOL 🙂 – Since she was not married, he was able to take his mother’s last name. This made me extremely happy that our family name, “Uli”, would be carried on to another generation. Since my first wife and I only had one child, a girl, the family name would have stopped with me. In the first few days, my daughter tried nursing for a bit, but that did not work out all too well. I offered to fly her mother in to Charlotte for the first 7-10 days to help out with the baby. We picked her up at the airport and she was able to stay at my daughters apartment and helped out with our grandson. This gave us a break due to the fact I took off a few days from work. My daughter had some minor problems and I spent several nights with her in the hospital sleeping in a lounge chair. My 2nd wife was not to happy about the situation, but needed to understand, this was my daughter and she really had no one else to help her out at the hospital. She was able to take the next 8 weeks off to be on Maternity Leave. Lowes Home Improvement had fantastic health insurance. The only Cost to my daughter was about $300 for some miscellaneous charges and my meals at the hospital during the days and nights I stayed with her.

After she went back to work, she was able to find a young lady that had worked for Lowes Home Improvement with her that decided to stay at home and watch a few children. I had met this lady on several occasions when I would visit my daughter while she was working at Lowes. She had been divorced and was raising 3 of her own children. My daughter and I both interviewed her and the fees were extremely reasonable for a newborn. She was only charging $150 per week. This was something I helped pay. I knew on her salary she could never afford a private babysitter and I did not feel comfortable with my daughter placing my grandson  in a daycare center. The store where she was working was only 1 mile from the lady’s home. Over time, I would visit my grandson while my daughter was at work. She only lived about 4 miles from us in the opposite direction from the store.  Along with her babysitting, she had another part-time job. She was a professional Artist. She painted everything from People to Animals and anything in between. I became absolutely intrigued with her work. On Father’s Day of 2004, she had presented me with a Painting of my grandson at the age of 8 Months. OMG, the painting was absolutely gorgeous and looked exactly like him. Unfortunately, my 2nd wife had nothing to do with it. Down deep, she was becoming extremely envious of the relationship I had with her. She told me I was spending way to much time visiting my grandson. We began to have a few rifts over the situation. I wanted to see my grandson and it was much easier to visit him during the day while my daughter was at work, than to wait until the later hours when she got home. Plus the lady did not live far from us. I actually got to spend time feeding my grandson as well as watch him take his first baby steps. 

During the spring of 2004, we decided we were going to sell our home in Charlotte and move to her parents home in Newberry, SC. We had met with a contractor and decided to knock out several walls, open up the living room. We also put a brand new kitchen with upgraded appliances, new carpet, new paint, circular driveway, new bathroom with shower stall and many more amenities. What started out to be a small project at about $75K turn into a major project at over $140K. We underestimated the many different skeletons that were behind each closet. The more digging we did, the more problems we encountered. The home needed French Drains put under and all around the home due to an active spring under the foundation. The house sat on pillars and  needed to be lifted and Ram Jack had to drive all new pilings and foundations to help support the flooring. After we had the Chimney inspected, we learned it had a fire and it required all new fluting and venting. Once we pulled up the old flooring, they had 100 year old pine floors, which she never knew was there. We decided to have the floors refurbished. Well during all this remodeling, my nerves were starting to get the best of me. The last and final problem came with the electricity in the home. It had to be entirely rewired due to aluminum wiring. Everything had to be brought up to code with Copper Wiring. You can only imagine, my weight was going up and up. Yes, I had become extremely lazy around our present home. I was trying to be at too many places at one time. I was always worried about my daughter and grandson back in Charlotte, keeping up with all the renovations going on in Newberry, while trying to hold down my job, which kept me extremely busy. My life was on an absolute roller-coaster.

Will to Live – Anger – Like Never Before!! – Part 44

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