Will to Live – Gluttony – Part 11

After living with my friend for only about 6 weeks, I decided to move back home. I was still too immature to be on my own. My mom raised me ugly not stupid. Why in the world did I want to give up all the comforts of home, like heat & air, food, clothes being washed just because we had a serious argument. I guess I got my hardhead from my Mom. Typically, once my mind was made up, there was no turning back. It didn’t take Mom and I long to make amends and she realized 2 things after I came back home. First, I wasn’t going back to college and second, I was still going to date her. In the summer of 1978 after many months of planning, She and I decided to get married on Saturday, August 19th at Saint Ann Catholic Church. My friend that went to Jesuit with me and also helped me to get the interview at Canal Villere became my best friend. I asked him to be My Best Man. Needless to say with the excitement of getting married, all we did was go out to eat and discuss the wedding plans. I think part of me was extremely nervous as time got closer to the actual wedding. I was constantly binge eating weeks before the wedding. I guess I was nervous about a lot of things. Thursday night, August 17th, my best friend at the time, thru me a surprise bachelor party at the Swamp Room. OMG, I was in pure heaven. We had the Double Cheeseburgers, Double Order of French Fries and this time Coke with Wild Turkey. He had met with my Mom to help coordinate some of my neighborhood friends along with the co-workers from our store, Canal Villere #93. I don’t know exactly what time this party ended, but I had a major hangover. It was so bad, sometime during the night I woke up and drank 6 cans of coke. The evidence was in my room on the floor next to the bed. It didn’t take long for me to find the almighty bathroom throne. It finally hit. I had drank so much I got deathly ill from too much food and booze. I hugged the commode all night. It was so bad, my eyes were still blood shot red on the Saturday of the wedding. I popped a few blood vessels in my right eye during the night from straining so hard. When she finally saw me as she and her dad approached the Altar in church, her first question to me was, did you get in a fight? Your eyes are bloodshot red. As funny as it was to my best friend and me, it wasn’t so funny to her. As the wedding ceremony went on, she finally had to chuckle a bit, but not until she got a few jabs in pretty good. After we got married, we had a huge reception at the Balcony with a live band that my 2nd cousin played trombone in group known as Flipside, an 8 piece Dance band complete with a full horn section. They were amazing. I remember near the end of the reception, it was time to cut the cake. Well, as a baker and cake decorator, I didn’t even bake or decorate my own wedding cake. It was done by a well known bakery, Swiss Bakery in New Orleans. It didn’t take very long for my compulsion to kick in again. Face it, I was a Compulsive Overeater and I ate especially when I was happy. I remember the owner of the Balcony, packing up about 3 boxes of wedding cake slices and brownies for the road. As we left the wedding reception about 5:00 PM, our first stop was in Biloxi, MS at the Beau Rivage Resort. We planned our honeymoon for 5 days and 4 nights in Disney World at the Contemporary Resort Hotel on Disney property. I remember eating about 10 slices of Wedding Cake on the way to the Beau Rivage. Once we got to the hotel, my Mom had surprised us with dinner for 2 at the fancy hotel restaurant. It was a feast fit for a King and Queen. As you probably guessed, my weight was going higher and higher. I had an opportunity to weigh myself in the fancy hotel in private. I distinctly remember my weight was approaching nearly 400 lbs. My now wife never said much early on in our marriage, but you could tell she was very displeased with every bite I ate. I needed help, but it didn’t stop me from having the all too familiar last supper.

Will to Live – Gluttony – Part 12

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