Will to Live – Gluttony – Part 12

During my time in Orlando, FL at Disney World and Epcot, I had some very humiliating things happen to me in front of my new wife. On several of the rides, I exceeded the weight limit of 350 Lbs. so I was not allowed to actually ride the rides. I could see the embarrassment on her face, but she never said anything to me. We just moved along to the next ride. It was not a very good feeling. My gluttony over the years had placed me in an unfamiliar area of my life. The next thing I started to do was to lie to her and tell her that I was scared of heights, twist and turns. I just didn’t want anyone to embarrass me and tell me I was too big or fat for a ride. My weight continued to haunt me on my honeymoon at several of the restaurants. Remember, this was our honeymoon and I was trying to be romantic. Well, that didn’t workout too good. You see, my weight affected me in more ways than I expected. I was too big to fit in most of the booths in the restaurants, so as soon as we arrived at a restaurant, I would holler, table for 2. She was no dummy and she could see I was trying to cover up any embarrassment. I think at this point, anyone would have done the same thing to not be embarrassed. Well, just as we were getting seated at one of the tables, my worst nightmare happened. I broke a chair that I had just sat down in at the table. Oh my God, I didn’t know what to say or do. There I was, on the floor, with everybody coming to help me up. Talk about humiliation. I didn’t need help. I need a chair that would fit my big FAT ASS and not break. Of course it didn’t stop with the waiter bringing over a new chair, the manager came over and had to fill out an accident report to make sure if I was hurt from the fall of the broken chair, everything was documented. Well, we finally ate and I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel room. She really didn’t say a thing. She did ask me several times, if I was okay from the fall. I said yes, my pride was hurt a bit along with my alter ego!! After a long day in the parks and all the excitement of my ass breaking a chair, we decided to turn in early, at least she did. I made some kind of excuse that I needed to get something out of the car, which was a good hike from the hotel. She went to bed and I left the room, only to look for comfort. That’s right, I remember this as if it were yesterday. I was so embarrassed the only thing that was going to make it right was FOOD. Damn, I was spiraling out of control. I couldn’t fit in a booth at most restaurants, just got finished breaking a chair and all I could think of was to eat – WTF was going on in my head. I was sick. But that didn’t matter, the food made me feel good. Food was my friend and we had a date that night. Well, I found exactly what I was looking for; an all night diner open in the hotel. Please don’t forget, I just ate dinner less than 2 hours ago and I was back at it again. I honestly did not give a shit about booths or chairs, I just wanted some pure satisfaction. I ordered a double order of French Fries with ketchup and a huge – and I reiterate a huge – Banana Split w/ 4 Scoops of the Best Ice Cream. My two favorite foods to this day, French Fried Potatoes and Ice Cream. If I was on death row and had to go to the electric chair or gas chamber, this request would be my last supper. The troubles of this day went away once I became satisfied with my 10:00 PM snack. I went back to the room, never ever seeing the car. She was asleep and I just went to bed. This was our last day in the parks and we were to begin our journey home to New Orleans. What a honeymoon to not remember!!

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