Will to Live – Gluttony – Part 9

During most of my junior year at Jesuit, I stayed just under 300 lbs. When it came to food, I developed many bad and repetitious habits. When I ate meals at home with Mom and her roommate, I always went back for seconds. My mom was an excellent cook. We always had plenty food in our home, especially around the holidays. Several of my favorite foods were my Mom’s Oyster Dressing, Macaroni and Cheese, along with old fashion Creamed Potatoes – not that instant stuff in a bag. We did eat a lot of starches in our house. We never ate things like Carrots, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, or Spinach. It was always a starchy vegetable, like Peas, Corn, Creamed Corn, Rice a Roni, and French Fries. Sometimes, I ate so much at the holidays, I had to undo my pants to breathe. The food always tasted so good.

The Compulsive Overeating continued thru my years at Jesuit. I still had my morning deli and bakery runs with the guys. The Hot Sausage or Hamburger Po-Boys continued at least 3-4 days per week. The short walk to the donut shop was a given, at least 2-3 days per week. I had no control. In February, I met another young lady at a Mardi Gras Parade on Veterans Highway. She was with her mom and dad that night. I had a lot of friends that were riding on the floats in this particular parade. Most everything I caught I gave to her or her parents. We had great conversation. I found out she was a year older than me. She went to a private school, Crescent City Baptist. If anyone knows anything about Mardi Gras parades, they can sometimes drag out for hours should a float break down or some drunk individual creating problems with some of the riders. I asked her if she were dating anyone and she said not really. In front of her parents, I asked if she would like to join me on Mardi Gras Day. Her dad smiled and said it was okay,  so she agreed to join me on Fat Tuesday. We had a blast. Something was different. In the beginning, She never said anything about my weight. I guess her being a bit older and more mature, she looked at the persons heart and personality and not the size of his body. We began to date that spring. She invited me to her Senior Prom. We had a great time. I met several of her friends. On the weekends, we would all go out and have a great time. As usual, most dates always had some type of food event. We either went to a fast food restaurant and on special occasions, we would go to Steak n Ale, a nice upscale steakhouse on Veterans Hwy. Her and I became a couple. We were dating and seeing each other all the time. My mom was not a fan of her or me dating just one girl, but she really didn’t have much say as time went on during the summer before my Senior Year. We dated all thru my Senior Year at Jesuit. She was well liked by the guys on the football team as well as the band. Not to drag this story out, but she and I continued to date after I graduated from Jesuit High, She eventually became my first wife. During my Senior year at Jesuit, I had continued to gain weigh topping the Scales at 335 lbs. by the time we graduated on May 21st, 1976. Yes, I was getting bigger. I still worked in the bakery early mornings. As time went on, she and I got engaged. She really started to become a bit more concerned about my weight gain. She would drop hints like, “I think you need to lose some weight if we are going to get married.”I would always come up with some smooth talk that once we got married she could cook me healthy meals and the weight would gradually come off. Down deep, I think she knew I had no intention of losing weight. We got engaged in June of 1977 and were married August 13th, 1978, two years after high school. My mom was not happy about me marrying her.

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