Will to Live – Gluttony – Perseverance – Part 92

As I continue writing in my Blog, I wanted to take some time for you to understand the battles that I face each and every day when it comes to food. I am a Compulsive Overeater. There has never been a question about this statement. I love food and it loves me. I am also a Master Baker and Cake Decorator by trade and today, I work in the Bakery Industry selling Donuts to very large Retail Accounts in the US. There has never been a question about this statement. I grew up in New Orleans where food and drink were the topic of conversation at every meal. I wake up every morning asking myself just one question, do you have the Will to Live? The answer is yes. So this leaves me with two other choices. I have the choice to be happy or the choice to be sad, but it’s my choice. No matter what is going on in my life, I still have the power to control how I’m going to feel each and every day. The Power of Prayer always get my day started off on a positive note!!

My typical day starts off with a morning inspirational message on Facebook followed by quiet time. Most often this time is spent in prayer asking God to give me the strength to make it through the day without any major hiccups. You might ask yourself, what is a hiccup to me? The answer is simple. It most always has to do with 3 things; Attitude, followed by Diet, and Exercise. Once my mind is made up, I can conquer just about anything. Some days are more difficult than others. I rely on my wife a lot to keep me in check. She is my “Nurse Ratchet” when it comes to food and drink as well as exercise. I think we all have a lot of quit in us, especially me. I can talk myself into or out of doing something in no time. The key to my success has been the perseverance that is associated with my Will to Live. Over my life time, I have been told on numerous occasions that I only had 3-4 months to live. Once in 1983, twice in 2015 and once in 2016. So maybe now you can understand how important my Heart Healthy Lifestyle is to me each and every day.

I have been asked by many people, how do you continue to get up every day and maintain that mindset? The answer is very simple. I want to Live. I don’t have but 2 choices, the choice to eat healthy or the choice to eat like I did when I weighed 492 lbs. Today I weigh 263 lbs. My goal is to hit 235 lbs., which I have not been since I am about 12 – 13 years old. I have not set a timeframe for this goal weight as lately I have hit a plateau. I knew there would be a time this would happen to me, but I promise I will not get discouraged. At the age of 60, I finally understand what I have done to my body with food and drink. I was not only a Foodaholic but also an Alcoholic as well. What most people do not understand is one vice typically follows the other. I am a Compulsive Person, so what ever I typically decide to do, I do it in a big way. For me, being from New Orleans, the food came first at the age of about 8 and the alcohol followed many years later when I was in my 40’s. For now, I have a very regimented Heart Healthy Program. When out with family or friends, I typically drink either water or decaf coffee. As for ordering on a menu, I normally will only eat broth soups, salads with little or no dressing and a healthy portion of protein with green leafy vegetables. It’s called perseverance and not wavering just because it’s the weekend, some holiday or special occasion like my Birthday . It’s a new way of life for me. If you would like to know more about my battles, please make sure to take time to read this Blog from the beginning. We are all successes in life. Some take a little bit longer than others. For me, it took over 50 years to get control of my eating.

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