Will to Live – Gluttony, Pride, & Envy – Part 89

Soon after the IDDBA show in June, my wife and I took some time off to go to New Orleans to see my daughter, grandkids, and Aunt & Uncle. Prior to us arriving in town, my daughter proceeds to tell me she is leaving her husband of 6 years. During her marriage, I tried my hardest to not interfere with her life and the men she chose to marry. I know they had been struggling for a long time. About a year earlier, my daughter won a huge law suit against the hospital and doctors for miss diagnosing her problems with Blood Clots. Her attorney was able to prove negligence on all parties concerned. After all attorney fees were paid, my daughter cleared over $120K. This was the most excited I had ever seen her in many years. She decided to purchase a new car and a few other items, took a nice long vacation to Florida. Unfortunately, within the 13 to 14 months, my daughter and her husband spent all the monies. Instead of living within their means, they lived like two people without a care in the world. Her husband was working when he wanted and she was spending money on her two kids buying video games and some of the most expensive shoes and jersey on the market. My daughter was spending money on expensive perfumes, eating out, and more than you can imagine. I kept telling her to please save some of that money for a rainy day, but needless to say, she spent that and more. Before I got to New Orleans, I realized my daughter had borrowed over $8,000 from a loan company at 28% interest and put the one thing that was paid for as collateral, her car. I almost fainted. After getting to New Orleans, my wife and I sat down with my daughter and realized she was in major debt. I spoke with my wife and we decided to give my daughter one last gift. I told her I was going to pay off all her debt and help her to get started in a new place. This was going to be my last and final money that I was going to give my daughter. Unfortunately, I took out a small loan to pay off her debt, which now became my debt. What a fool I was for doing such a thing!!

My wife and I decided to draw up a legal document and all 3 of us were going to sign this agreement. I had a few stipulations. The first was that my daughter was not going to open any more credit cards or to use her car as collateral again. The second was I wanted my daughter to get to love herself once again. I didn’t care if she dated someone, but I did not want them to move in with her and my two grandkids. She had just gotten separated 3 weeks earlier, so she didn’t need to have another man living with her that she could also take care of like her husband. In my daughters past, she did not always choose men that had good jobs and could provide for her. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for my daughter to fall into this same trap again. On her birthday, she met a guy at the gym she was going to and the next thing you know, he is with her day and night. He might not have officially moved in to the apartment, but she wasn’t even separated from her husband 5 weeks when this new guy was over at her place 24/7 except for supposedly going to his job. At this point, I had enough of all her nonsense. I don’t want to drag this out, but my daughter and her friends had some very nasty comments to say about me writing this Blog. My grandson also used words that I dare not repeat, but I promise, he would not have said that to my face. The disrespect my wife and I received after bailing my daughter out again was unbelievable. It has been almost 3 months since I have spoken to my daughter. I hope she is happy with her decisions. As for me, I an done. I may never see or speak to her ever again. I have been nothing but a bank for my daughter going in major debt on many occasions always to be stabbed in the heart. My daughter and grandkids will always be in my prayers, but I will not be talked to disrespected by a 16 year old or have my wife treated in such a manner. I have spoken with my Priest at our church, other family members as well as close friends and everyone has agreed with my decision. Please understand, I am the one whom has earned the respect. Unfortunately, my daughter has not done a very good job in raising her children to show respect. I believe I deserve and have earned that as an adult. If it were not for me and the things I have done for my daughter over the past 30 years, she would have had nothing. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of all the negativity in my life, no matter the COST!! 

As for my Health, it is getting much better with each passing day. I have lost 80 lbs. since April 1st. Every day of my life, I battle the 7 Deadly Sins of Mankind. If you do not know what they are, I will mention them again. The are as follows in no particular order – Gluttony, Pride, Anger, Lust, Envy. Sloth, and Greed. As I continue with my daily readings in the Bible, I put the Armor of God on each and every day. I write an inspirational message on Facebook each day to give someone that might be feeling a bit hopeless, to find that ray of hope to Live Life again. I will continue with this Blog several times a week. I want to keep everyone in the loop on my Heart Healthy journey. I am a very Humbled and Blessed man to still be alive. If you are just beginning to read my Blog, I highly encourage you to start from the beginning. My goal is to turn this Blog into a Self Help Book. Included in the book, will be some incredible recipes that my adorable wife has put together to help me with my weight loss journey. In closing for today, please understand that this Blog is my life story. I have tried to present it in such a way that I have provided you all the information – the Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. I’m not very proud of some of things I have done in my life not only to myself, but to others. I have made amends with God and have asked for his forgiveness. Over the past 7 months, my life has really changed. My wife and I are involved in our Church in Liturgical Ministry as Ushers and I have also been commissioned as a Eucharistic Minister, which I take extremely seriously. I hope you continue to follow my journey as continue what I have started. I hope and pray to one day reach my goal weight of 235 lbs. May God grant you Peace and Serenity in your life and the Will To Live!!

Will to Live – Grace, Love, & Hope – Part 90

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