Will to Live – Gluttony & Pride – Part 47

Several months passed after my daughter moved back to New Orleans with my grandson before we began to have conversation again. She transferred to the Lowes Home Improvement in Covington, LA. Unbeknown to me, my daughter had met a young man at Lowes Home Improvement. They began to date on a regular basis. The next time we were in New Orleans, we had the pleasure of meeting him. He was a handsome young man, but I had a problem when a man can’t look me in the eye when he speaks. It seemed like he was hiding something, but I could never put my finger on it. I was not a big fan of him, but it was my daughter’s life not mine. A few months after we began speaking again on a regular basis, she slipped up and said something about she had to go get something for her husband. In a micro-second I said to her and I quote, ” Excuse me, what did you just say about a Husband”. The phone went absolutely silent. A few weeks earlier, my daughter and her mother managed to plan my daughter’s first wedding and I was never even given the courtesy to accept or decline an invitation. Yet again, another slap in the face from my daughter. I was really taken back. All what I had ever done for my daughter over the years and she decided to get married and let someone else give her away, not to mention make her wedding cake. I felt so betrayed yet again. It seemed the harder I tried with my daughter the harder I got kicked in the teeth. She had a  way of always blaming me for her mistakes. Over the years, I never learned from this constant abuse from my daughter. I always was there for my daughter no matter what she ever put me through over the years. I lost all confidence in my ability to be a good parent. I kept asking myself where did I go wrong. Was I truly some kind of monster down deep. I guess time will tell as I continue my life journey. Most of these things effected the way I ate, drank and was severally depressed. No one truly knows what I went through during these times. I tried to let things roll off my back like rain rolls off a duck. But I was not too good at this either. I always found one of the 7 Deadly Sins of Mankind to mask my feelings and pain. For some of you reading this Blog, the 7 Deadly Sins of Mankind are Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, Sloth, Envy, and Pride.

My 2nd wife and I found a new development that was going to be built in Concord, NC known as Christenbury Village that was going to feature rows of townhomes along with single family homes. We decided to visit a site that had a similar model to what we were interested in purchasing. After several visits with Ryan Homes and our sales agent and signed a contract to purchase a townhome. We chose the first building, which had the model home and 3 others for sales. Our new home was going to be 2 stories in the front with a walkout basement in the back. This new home was actually 3 stories. We put a numerous amount of upgrades in this home, including a fully finished basement that would be my office and play area, which would eventually become known as the Bear’s Den.  They started construction in February of 2006 and the home was to be ready in September. Needless to say with some unexpected weather delays and a few minor construction changes on my part, our home was not ready until October of that year. As a matter of fact, we went to closing on October 6th, 2006. As for the Newberry home, we tried many times to sell it, but had no serious offers. After we put so many upgrades in the home, we could not get our money back out of the home. No one wanted to pay what we were asking and we could never find comparable homes in that price range that were of that age. So we decided to rent to her cousins. A huge mistake to say the least.

As for my weight, I began to start using the new clubhouse that was built. It had a nice gym with state-of-the-art workout equipment. With everything being new in my life, it was time for me to get my own act together. We found a church in Concord, NC, known as West Cabarrus. We began going to church there on a regular basis. The Head Pastor and I became a very good friend of mine at the time. We were close in age and had a lot of the same things in common, like LSU Tiger & New Orleans Saint football as well as NASCAR. He did his Theological studies in New Orleans at the Baptist Seminar Theological College. He founded this church, West Cabarrus Baptist Church, which followed a Southern Baptist Doctrine. We began to attend Sunday Church and I also became involved in Wednesday night Bible Study and a Friday Morning Prayer Group with men. My life seemed to be clicking on all cylinders again – at least for a few months.

Will to Live – Pride & Anger – Part 48

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