Will to Live – Gluttony & Pride – Part 76

Shortly after returning to Saint Petersburg from the visit we had with my girlfriend’s parents. I had the Blessing of her Dad to ask her to marry me. I began looking around at ring settings and Diamonds. I wanted this to be extremely special. In my life, I had given several Diamond Rings to other women, this had to be the best. Not necessarily the Biggest, but the best quality on the 4 C’s I could afford without going into tremendous debt. I found a jewelry store known as the Gold and Diamond Store. I spent numerous hours with the General Manager discussing Diamonds and the quality and care involved in choosing a Diamond. He advised me of what the 4 C’s meant in choosing the perfect Diamond for someone special. All the years of purchasing Diamonds, I had no idea of what the Color, Clarity, Cut & Carat Weight were in the Diamonds. In my past. I always was just buying a diamond without considering any of these 4 C’s. Like I said from the start, I wanted to choose this Diamond for my Soulmate. For the first time in my life, I had butterflies with the call of her name. I never had these kind of feelings before, never!! This girl made my head spin. She was everything a man could dream of and more. I noticed the feelings were extremely mutual. We did and went everywhere together. I found myself never wanting to be without her anywhere I went. I began taking her on many business trips with me. I just enjoyed her company. Needless to say, for her age, she was an absolute knockout. I always dated nice looking women before, but OMG, she was off the charts. She had a body that was built like a Goddess. I knew this was going to be special time for the 2 of us. My girlfriend was about to become my fiancĂ© in the very near future and I needed it to be special. I wanted to give her this ring at the right time and the right place. I asked her if she had a special restaurant that she felt was very important and impactful in her life. She told me they had an incredible Italian Restaurant on the top floor of the Grand Hyatt called Armani’s Italian Restaurant. It had an incredible view of the Tampa Bay and a gorgeous sunset at night. I decided to take time out of my calendar to visit the hotel and restaurant. Upon meeting the Restaurant Manager, I explained to her that I wanted to propose to my then girlfriend and I wanted this to be a special and spectacular night. I decided to create a special menu with our names and I was going to ask her to Marry Me in the dessert portion of the menu. The restaurant manger said she would do some investigating and would get back to me if this could be done. It didn’t take her long to get back to me. She called and said it would be doable, but in order to make this happen, I needed to purchase the 2 menu’s. I had no problem with that. So I met with her again and we decided to name several dishes after her and me. Like Kitty’s Salad or Terry’s Salmon with Bear’s Filet Mignon. You get the idea. At the very end, I asked my girlfriend if she would Marry me in the section where the desserts would be chosen.

During this exciting time, my weight continued to fall. I was feeling absolutely wonderful, but I noticed I was still somewhat out of breath especially when I climbed stairs. I finally had the chance to visit the jewelry store one last time. The general manager had an idea of the kind of Diamond I wanted to give her. He called me and said you need to come see what just arrived into our store. It is a bit more than you wanted to spend, but this is an absolute gem with incredible Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight. The Diamond was a 2.45 Pear Shaped Diamond and had excellent Gradings of S1-S2 and was a F Grade Diamond. OMG, when I finally arrived a the store, the General Manager said to me, you need to purchase this Diamond for your girlfriend. I will give you the best price I possibly can, but this is a tremendous piece of Jewelry. He was absolutely right. The Diamond was perfect now all I needed to do was find the perfect setting to put this Diamond on so it would pop and not take away from the Center Stone. It took me over 5 hours of looking at settings and taking the right amount of time with the General Manger. In the back of my mind, this was the last engagement ring I was giving to anyone. You thought by now, I had it down to a science, but I wasn’t as educated on Diamonds and the 4 C’s as the Gold and Diamond Store taught me.  I finally chose the setting and the ring was going to take a few days to set. The General Manager told me if this was not perfect, he would help me to choose another setting. I finally returned to the Gold and Diamond store and when I walked in, one of the owners was with the General Manager. They were both excited to present this Engagement Ring to me. OMG, it was absolutely stunning. I had chills up and down my arms. I never in my life saw something so beautiful that I took my time not only to purchase, but become educated in the 4 ‘s of purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring.

Will to Live – Pride & Love – Part 77

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