Will to Live – Gluttony w/ Anger & Lust – Part 30

In May of 1995, my daughter had graduated 8th grade from Saint Lawrence the Martyr Catholic School. She had been going there since Kindergarten. We had a pretty good summer that year. She swam on the Westgate Country Club Swim Team. Now that I had a new job, I was able to spend more time with my wife and daughter during the summer months. I was even a Stroke Judge and Lane Timer for the Swim Team. In September of 1995, she started her 9th Grade Year at Archbishop Chapelle High School. I started to travel a bit more with Allstate Brokerage Company. We were growing our business by almost 20% over the next several years. The other thing that was growing was my weight. I was slowly creeping back up to the 400 lb. mark one day at a time. My wife and I were getting along pretty well except for my weight. As time went on, I continued to gain weight and she continued to complain about how much and how often I was eating. About this time, Louisiana had voted for Video Poker to come to Louisiana. This was not a good thing for me. I didn’t need another habit. Well, it didn’t take long for me to develop another vice. I was a Compulsive Overeater, I drank a bit and now, I liked to play Video Poker. Between the eating, drinking and gambling, I was spending more money than I was making. She and I were starting to argue more and more. Things were getting financially difficult at home to make ends meet due to my compulsive behavior. At the time,  I was 90% wrong for spending too much money. I had 3 vices to deal with now. I would become angry if I lost money at the Poker Machines, which in turn caused me to eat and drink more. It was a vicious cycle. As time went on, it started to affect my job at Allstate Brokerage Company. I was coming to work later and leaving early. My wife was extremely critical of my eating habits. We began to argue daily. The only sympathetic ear I had was my friend in Charlotte. She would listen to my side the story, which was my point of view. We both would agree that she was being too hard on me. One  particular night in January of 1996, we were all sitting at the table eating some dessert. My wife kept harping on me about my weight. I asked her to stop but she kept going on and on. Unfortunately, I had a temper and grew extremely angry. I basically threatened her if she said one more word about my weight, I was going to move out of the house because I was tired of hearing her bitch at me. Well, it didn’t take long before she started on me again. I called my Aunt and Uncle and asked if I could come over to spend the night. My Aunt was like a second Mom and helped to raise me when I was a young boy. My grandmother was living with my Aunt at the time. They all knew that she was harping on me about my weight. After my conversation with my Aunt and Uncle, I went back to my closet, grabbed all my clothes, my toolbox, my golf clubs and a few other things and headed towards the front door. She started yelling at me, where do you think you are going. I said I was leaving and the last thing you need to worry about is watching my BIG FAT ASS leave out the door. And out I went. After leaving that night, I never went straight to my Aunt’s house. I stopped and played Video Poker, Drank a few drinks and decided to go get something to eat. After about 3 hours, I pulled up at my Aunt’s house. I thought I was only going to stay for a couple of days. Things started to get really heated between us. She was calling me all the time. She even had my daughter calling and crying to me on the phone to come home. I suffered from OCD and was extremely hard headed. To make matters worse, my boss had notified me that he was shutting the Brokerage business down because he was having marital problems himself and was quietly going through a divorce. It was a mess. I had just walked out my home, was about ready to lose my job and company car. It was a trying time for me, but my Carolina friend always made me feel special. She had a way about comforting me. She was older and more mature than I was. She always was slow and methodical about her approach to different situations. I was a compulsive person, so I made decisions on the fly. Along with being hard-headed, once my mind was made up, there was no turning back no matter what. Needless to say, I never went back to live with my wife again. On February 14th, 1996, she served me with Separation Papers. A Jefferson Parish Sherriff met me as I was leaving for work and asked if I was Patrick Uli. Once I told him I was Patrick,  he said, ” I need to see your LA Drivers License and I need you to sign here!!” OMG, I was just served legal separation papers and my wife wanted a divorce. It got pretty damn serious from this point moving forward. My marriage of 17 years to her was slowly going down the drain and I was about 90% to blame for this mess.

Will to Live – Gluttony w/ more Anger, Lust, & Greed – Part 31

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