Will to Live – Gluttony w/ More Anger – Part 17

After more CT Scans of my entire body, it was recommended that I begin Chemo as soon as I possibly could start due to the fact that the cancer was spreading throughout my body extremely quick. I was diagnosed with 5 different type Cancers within one tumor, which is fairly common for Testicular Cancer. The main culprit in my body was Choriocarcinoma. This was one of the fasting spreading cancers of the 5 different cancer markers that were in my right testicle. I was seriously depressed. My daughter was only 18 months old. At home, things were becoming very difficult to make ends meet. I was placed on sick leave at my work. I decided to wait a bit before starting Chemo. All my doctors were disappointed with me. It was a decision I made with my wife and my mom. I just needed a small break in between all these surgeries. After dealing with my fear issues, I became quite Angry. I was MAD at the World. I was MAD at God. I was a real asshole. Yes, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and rightly so. My wife was trying to work and take care of our 18 month old daughter. I was on sick pay, which was only paying me about $125 dollars per week. My hospital bills were mounting up each and every day. I was still in so much pain from the Staples and Bands holding me together. For once in my life, I was not dealing with being a glutton. As a matter of fact, I was hardly eating. I didn’t want to eat. My friend really began to step up to the plate bigtime. He would go to work all day and after work, he would go home and visit with his wife and come to the hospital to relieve my wife so she could go home and take care of our daughter. What a friend. My other friend would come to the hospital with his wife. The only request I had from him was Charmin Toilet Paper. The hospital brand was like wiping your ass with sandpaper. My Mom, Aunt and Uncle were also frequent visitors. Unfortunately, I could NOT count on many visitors. As time went on, those I named above were my only visitors. When my so called friends found out that I might be dying, they would tell others they wanted to remember me like I was. Damn, I wasn’t even dead yet!! I had not even started Chemo. I was just trying to get my strength back in order that I might begin Chemo. So between all this BS that was going on, you can probably understand why I had some anger issues. Over the next month, I nicknamed my best friend, “My Booty Podnah”, that’s Coonass for Partner. He was a such a dear friend. If I would have accidentally soil myself, he would clean me up without even calling a nurse. I ask any of you out there in this world today, how many Booty Podnah’s do you have?? The answer and not even close — probably none!! One of my friend’s mom and dad were true gems as well. They actually helped us out monetarily. They would provide diapers and formula along with $70 per week. They did this for exactly one year – 52 weeks non stop. I was Humbled and Blessed to have the close family and friends I had during this very difficult time in my life. 

Will to Live – Full Anger Mode – Part 18

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