Will to Live – Grace, Love & Hope – Part 90

As my family and friends continue reading my Blog, moving forward, I will begin to write about my daily experiences as it pertains to the 7 Deadly Sins of Mankind as well as my Heart Healthy Lifestyle. I hope and pray you have a better understanding of what I went through with Gluttony over the past 50+ years. Every day, the ongoing battles with food hit me head on. Sometimes, I desire certain foods so bad, I come home after a night out with my wife or friends and quietly cry myself to sleep at night. I love to eat and have never hid this from anyone that truly knows me as a person. I grew up in New Orleans and everything we did revolved around food. At an early age, I learned to eat basically anything in between two slices of bread. We always had fried fast foods. Please don’t get me wrong, my mother was a fabulous cook, but we always had some type of roux or gravy, which needed bread and butter to clean up the plate. By the Grace of God, over the past 7 months, I have managed to lose and keep right at 80 lbs. off of my ASS – LOL. It’s a struggle. Over the past 5 weeks, I have bounced around between 260.6 lbs. and 263.0 lbs. For over 5 months, I worked with a Fitness Coach that taught me a lot about me. He helped me to understand that I could possibly gain weight as I increased muscle. My wife and I recently decided to try this Fitness Program motivating each other. Today, on October 11th, I became a new member of Suncoast Fitness near 38th Ave and 4th Street N. My wife has been a member of this Gym for over 20 years. I encourage my friends that are reading this Blog to help keep me motivated as well as encourage me to continue what I started. I need to do this not only for me, but for my wife and our 2 precious girls, Bella and Beignet. I have set goals for myself to finish losing this weight while improving my balance and strengthen more middle core. Trust me, it sounds easier than it actually is my friends. I am a Compulsive Overeater and I remind myself of this every day of my life. For many years, I was a closet eater and weight can come on and off of me faster than someone flipping a light switch. I ask you if you see me attempting to quit or somewhat slacking, I have no problem with you calling me out on this. I have always been someone that hates to disappoint. I think most all humans have a little bit of quit built inside of each of us. I have always been a leader and for once in my life, I need to cross the finish line. As most of you already know, my wife is a great motivator, healthy eater, and someone that remains physically fit. She is a Beast in the Gym. She is also my personal Chef, cooking excellent Heart Healthy Meals. Each and every day I monitor my intake of total calories against what I actually burn. In order to lose one pound (1 lb.) of fat, someone needs to need to burn or cut out 3500 calories. If you cut back 500 calories a day and maintain the same program, you will lose 1 pound a week. It sounds so simple – NOT!! Honesty is the key to the total program. I work so darn hard to keep track of intake and output. I know I am not always perfect, but trust me, I get aggravated when I don’t hit certain goals. I understand the old saying, Rome was not Built in a Day. With that said, patience has been the key with me. I start most mornings in Prayer followed by an Inspirational Message on Facebook. Hopefully, this will help not only me, but you. For I do have the Will to Live.

Will to Live – Life, Love, & Friends – Part 91   

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