Will to Live – Life, Love & Friends – Part 91

Beginning on Friday, this past weekend was full of incredible memories. Friday night, my wife and I decided to meet some of our Church friends for dinner and dancing at Billy’s Seafood and Stone Crab on Tierra Verde. What a fun time we had with all. As usual, I continue to follow my Heart Healthy Lifestyle when out on a date with my wife and friends. I often get asked, is it hard for you to watch others drink and eat things you desire. Well, the truth of the matter is yes. I have just learned over time if I want to continue to live, I need to be able to say no to alcohol, fried foods, and dessert. Don’t ever get me wrong, I love a good drink, I love fried foods and dessert, well that is my all time favorite, especially Ice Cream. I just have a stronger Will To Live. After dinner, the guy whom I made my CD with and his sister were the entertainment for the evening. The group is called Hologram, a brother and sister act. He is by far one of the finest Sax Players I have ever heard in my life. We had fun dancing together as well with our friends. I believe a fun time was had by all that night. This will definitely be a do over in the near future.

On Saturday, my wife and I were invited to be the guest of great friends and their family at the SPCA Fur Ball Gala, Hooray for Hollywoof. This was a huge fundraiser for the Tampa Bay SPCA. It was held at the Saint Petersburg Coliseum. The night was absolutely enchanting. The theme of the evening was to dress up in the Roaring 20’s & 30’s. My wife looked absolutely stunning in her dress. I even wore a nice suit for the event. The Gala was a sellout with over 700 tickets sold for this event. We arrived promptly at 6:00 PM and made our way to the table. From 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM it was an open bar.The evening was filled with Saint Petersburg and Tampa’s wealthiest people, kind of like who’s who in the Burg. It was fun to watch people bid on interesting gifts from trips to Hollywood to meet and greet the 4 judges from the Voice, trips to New Orleans and Spain, a gorgeous 18 CT Total Weight necklace, 2 dinners for 30 guest and much more. I could not believe how much money some people bid on these items. This made me so happy knowing that this was all for the Animals at the SPCA. On a typical week, the SPCA will house as many as 100 pets and take in anywhere from 20-30 each week. My wife and I are monthly donors to the SPCA, but not at the magnitude that was taking place this evening. We left about 9:30 that night to head home. Once again, I had to say no to several items that were served for the evening. I know my wife is very proud of the discipline I have learned. I always tell myself I have two choices – to Live or Die. Well, I guess you can figure this one out for yourself. I just enjoy seeing others happy. By the time we got home, my favorite football team LSU Tigers were playing the Florida Gators in Baton Rouge that night. It was an extremely close game up until the last 2 minutes. The LSU Tigers managed to pull out a 42-28 game against a highly ranked and great football team. After all the excitement and fun for the evening, I turned in about 12:30 AM Sunday morning.

Sunday morning came very early having gone to bed at 12:30 AM that night. My wife and I started our morning off at Saint Mary’s Our Lady of Grace Church. We were both working as Ushers in our Liturgical Ministry. Ever since we attended the 5 week seminar about the Mass, we both have a better understanding and appreciation for the Eucharist and every ritualistic event that takes place from the start until the end. It’s kind of funny how a 10 hour course can change your entire outlook on something you have been doing for over 50+ years. Later that morning, my wife and I decided to head to one of our favorite restaurants on Beach Drive in Downtown Saint Petersburg. As a matter of fact the wonderful friends that invited us to the SPCA Gala are owners of this restaurant. This Sunday was an incredible day to just sit out and have a nice casual brunch visiting with many of the staff that have become our friends. We spent over 2 hours enjoying the weather and brunch. After we left, we retired home to spend the rest of the day and evening with our two girls, Bella and Beignet. Another fabulous weekend that went by so quickly. The one thing I am very proud of is although I ate several meals out this weekend, I was able to watch my intake and not go off my healthy program. This coming Friday, I have an appointment with my Family doctor to go over all the Blood Tests I had taken a week ago. I don’t know why, but I always seem to get on edge every time I have these doctor visits, but wind up walking out feeling very good about what I have accomplished with my weight loss and good pressure. the fight continues as I still have about 30 lbs. I would like to lose over the next few months.

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