Will to Live – Love, Gluttony, & Pride – Part 87

With the start of 2018, I continued on my Heart Healthy Lifestyle. My wife and I now had a gym on the roof deck of our apartment home that we could go to 24/7. I made quick use of the gym. In January 2018, I decided to do my cardio on the streets of downtown Saint Petersburg. I would walk for about an hour and stop at a local diner for an egg white omelet then continue my walk. I would walk an average of 3 miles. I met a lot of unusual people on my morning walks. Sometimes, I even got to know the homeless by name. Periodically, if they were near the diner, I would invite them for a nice hot meal, but never give them money. You could always see the look of thanksgiving in their eyes. I once was told, never let a man go hungry, it could be you one day on the streets begging for your next meal.

My weight continued to be an every day battle for me. It seemed like I actually stalled out for a while, remaining the same weight give or take 10 lbs. over the next 6 months. My wife and I did eat out a lot, but everywhere we went, the Chef’s took time to prepare meals without all the heavy sauces and salt. We basically had a ritual that Friday nights became our date nights and Sunday’s were left for brunch with friends.

During the 2018 year, my business was struggling due to many freight issues. My customers kept increasing their OTIF, On Time In Full capabilities. this put an even harder crunch on my business. For almost 8 months in 2018, my division operated at a loss. I was not making the numbers I needed to be profitable for my company. It was all due to freight and freight related issues. Finally, we had to stand our ground and give some of our largest customers price increases. This never goes over well, As customers ourselves, we hate to see prices of our groceries continue to rise, especially when our paychecks stay the same or are reduced due to higher insurance rates with higher deductibles. I was so glad to finally get these increases into play and each customer decided to take our price increase. It was always a battle, but I decided to stand our ground. In November of 2018, once all the new pricing was in place, the business started to become profitable once again. I was overwhelmed that the owners of my company stuck it out and decided to let me get the necessary prices to make us whole again.

In December of 2018, we decided to renew our lease at Camden Pier District. they raised our rent $50 dollars per month, but I was certain we didn’t want to move from our apartment home. During this time period, my wife and I also made a decision to eventually go down to one car. This would not only save a $400 a month car note, but the insurance and the additional $100 per month for a parking space we were paying for at our complex. The total amount of saving from all combined was about $650 per month. My wife and I were on a mission to save money to one day purchase our own home. We had nothing to deduct from our every day income, so Uncle Sam killed us at the end of each year. We visited my family for Thanksgiving of 2018 and went to see my wife’s family for Christmas. We always have a fabulous time in Pittsburgh when my wife’s family gets together. Lots of Love and Laughter, which is what family is supposed to be, especially during the holidays. Once we returned to Saint Petersburg, my wife and I celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary. I don’t know where the time had gone, but I was grateful for yet another year of not being in the hospital. My weight continued to stay within the 10-20 lbs. of give or take, even with all the traveling we were doing. I had some serious Doctor’s appointments coming in January of 2019, so I needed to buckle down and continue my Heart Healthy Lifestyle.

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