Will to Live – Love, Patience, & Kindness – Part 86

After completing Cardiac Rehab, I started to go back to work on a more full time basis. All during my times in 2015 & 2016 while in and out of the hospital, my business with my customers remained strong. I was absolutely Blessed and Humbled to be working for someone that always placed Health and Family before anything else in life. Don’t get me wrong, the owner of my company always had a way of getting the best out of each and every employee. I can honestly say I loved my job and the company I had worked for over the past 8 years. I can remember discussing with my wife many times about going on Medical Retirement due to my Congestive Heart Failure. I even had the owner of my company fly into town and I presented him with an exit strategy and told him I was going out on medical leave. He refused to take my letter of Medical Resignation and he told me I was too young to call it quits. I had a lot more to offer in the business world. He always had a way of making me feel I could do anything if I put my mind to whatever I was trying to accomplish. So I continued with my employment. I continued on with making sales calls as well as attending and participating in major bakery shows. As time went on, my only concern was the continuance fight I had with my 2nd ex wife over property and the final settlement. She had gone through 4 attorneys as well as a major appeal in the high courts. As much as we fought, you would have thought we had millions to fight about. As a matter of fact, we fought for over 7 years and neither of us really won the battle. I guess you could say I threw in the towel. It was Costing the two  of us an incredible amount of money to continue this battle in the Courts. The only people who were actually winning were the attorneys. During the summer of 2017, the last verdict from the courts came to my attorney. I decided to pay the final required money that was owed, another $75,000, which came from my 401K. After I looked at all the debt I had incurred over the past 6-7 years fighting, I realized it was time to just move on with my Happily Married Life. Enough was enough.

As time moved forward, my Heart Health continued to improve. My Heart Ejection Fracture was also improving from a low end of 10% to a higher end of 30%. I was able to exercise, walk up at least 2 flights of steps, and participate in every day normal activities without loosing my breath. I continued to follow a very strict Heart Healthy Diet, which my wife was always in charge of when it came to meal planning. In late September of 2017, we decided we were going to try a different lifestyle of living. We always loved downtown Saint Petersburg. We began to look at several different apartment home complexes and found one with incredible amenities to enjoy. We looked at several, but we chose a property known as the AER, which has now been purchased by the Camden Company out of Houston, TX. The apartment home had a very nice gym, rooftop pool, sauna and hot tub, coffee bar, martini lounge and a separate area known as the library, which and a pool table with several TV’s and a full kitchen for entertaining guest. That October of 2017, we decided to have a huge home sale and sold all of our existing furniture, baby grand piano, stereo system, my office, etc. We wanted to start fresh with our own together taste. Also, we were moving into 1200 square feet, which could not hold the existing furniture the two of us had brought into our marriages together. I was a bit nervous as I had not experienced this type of Apartment Home Living before. I did not really know what to expect. On the inside of the hallways and the building,  you would have thought we lived in a resort hotel. The property was very new and we were the very first couple to live in our unit, which had an incredible view of the Tampa Bay on one side and downtown Saint Petersburg on the other. We took possession of our unit December 1st and signed a 15 month lease to get started. I was happy being in our new place. My Health continued to improve and I did not see the inside of a Hospital Room in all of 2017. I knew my wife was always hard on me when it came to my eating decisions, but she had the interest of my well being and me staying alive for her and our 2 girls, Bella and Beignet.

Will to Live – Love, Gluttony, & Pride – Part 87 

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