Will to Live – Love, Pride, & Fear – Part 84

On Friday, July 8th, I woke up feeling a bit nervous about what had transpired over the past several days with me while in Orlando. I looked at my wife and told her I was going to call the lady that had our 2 Maltese. I was more than ready to bring our girls home. I needed something to keep me distracted from being in the hospital. After my call, she agreed that she could have the girls ready for noon. We decided to have some breakfast and begin our trip to Land of Lakes, FL, which was about an hour north of Saint Petersburg. The entire way to get Bella and Beignet, all we talked about was how our lives were about to change. We were going to be parents to 2 – 10 week old Maltese Puppies. I could barely contain myself on the drive up. Once we arrived at the home, the young lady answered the door. Over in the distance, I could see one of the puppies curled up in a ball and she was holding the other. OMG, it was cuteness on overload. I was instantly in Love. I didn’t know what puppy to hold first. They were absolutely adorable. After paying the final payment for Bella and Beignet, she gave us all the paperwork on them and everything that she had done. She gave us some samples of the food they were eating, a few toys and both girls had cute bows in their hair. You could tell they were extremely nervous of us in the beginning. As soon as we said our goodbyes, I held Bella in my arms and my wife had Beignet. Everything was going good for about the first 20 minutes until Beignet decided to get car sick. I actually don’t know if she was car sick or just plain scared to be leaving her home. We drove a bit further and I looked at my wife and said my arm feels extremely warm. I looked down and Bella had just peed on my arm in our car. I had to chuckle a bit. We looked at each other and started laughing. We didn’t have our 2 girls more than 30 minutes before each one of us had been christened with either dog throw-up or warm puppy pee.

Once we got home, my wife and I had everything all set up for the girls. I had purchased a huge playpen, bought all kinds of toys, we had puppy pads and plenty blankets to keep them warm. We placed the girls down on the floor to see what they were going to do in their new home. Beignet immediately began to roam around investigating everything in the room, while Bella didn’t move. I began to get somewhat nervous. Bella had not moved for over 90 minutes. I looked at my wife and said maybe I should call the breeder. I think we bought a broke dog. I even got on the floor and tried to get her to come to me, but she had nothing to do with that. After we just let her be for about 2 hours, she finally began to walk around. As a matter of fact, she hasn’t stopped walking around. I have never seen such a broke dog come back to life. Our little Bella rules the house, all 6 1/2 lbs. of her feisty self. After having the girls for a few days, we searched around for a fabulous vet. We found one that not only was incredible, but he also takes care of the Saint Petersburg K9 Police Dogs. We made all the arrangements for Bella and Beignet to begin their Puppy Shots and everything associated with having new Pets as family members in our home.

The girls were a blessing. Each morning my wife and I would get down on the floor and play with each puppy. We were one big happy family. One thing I told my wife from the beginning, these girls were never going to be bred or show dogs. I wanted our girls to be loving pets. In my past years of owning dogs, I never had small breeds. I grew up with poodles, but they were either miniature or standard size poodles. The last dog I had owned was a Bulldog and she weighed close to 90 lbs., so having these small dogs was a change for me. In the beginning, the girls slept in their huge pen, which we brought into our bedroom every night. Over time, we gradually began having them sleep in the bed with us. Sometimes I look back on this idea and scratch my head. For two small dogs, they can sure take up a lot of space in a king size bed. Over the next 3 years, Bella and Beignet have become a huge part of my Heart Program. We have been traveling with them everywhere we go. The only time these girls see the inside of a cage is when they are being dried at the groomer or having some kind of procedure done at the vets office. They both have been an absolute Blessing. More to come on that comment in later in my Blog.

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