WIll to Live -Lust, Envy, Greed & Anger – Part 60

Several days passed after I purchased my new Mercedes Benz before she found out from a nosey neighbor that I traded in my Dodge Hemi Truck on a new car. I was absolutely pissed that someone in our neighborhood had the nerve to pick up the phone and inquire about my car. I guess it was one of two things. either it was jealousy on the neighbors part or she asked this neighbor to keep a close eye on whom was coming and going from the house. Well, I kept the neighbor quite busy. After I received the papers for our Legal Separation. I began to go out with several different ladies. I just wanted to have fun. I was tired of the last year and half of the distant relationship I was having with my wife. Neither one of us was enjoying each others company any longer. After my initial date with the saleslady, we did go out a few times before she decided to move to Myrtle Beach, SC to take a job selling RV’s, Recreational Vehicles. This was actually her expertise. It was a 4 hour drive to Myrtle Beach from Concord, NC. I did manage to take a trip over to Myrtle Beach for Mother’s Day weekend. I not only spent time with her, but decided to go on a Deep Sea Fishing Trip that weekend. I had the time of my life and caught several nice Red Fish and Grouper. I was staying at the Hilton Myrtle Beach for several days. My friend had to work at her new job, so I had the Chef prepare dinner for us from the fish I caught. I really liked her, but I knew down deep I didn’t want to get into a long distance relationship after just getting separated. I decided to ask several different ladies out on dinner dates. Most of them I had met at either our church or just neighbors that were single that lived in our neighborhood. I hated to eat alone, so it was nice to just have company and conversation instead of eating alone.

After a few weeks, We were both subpoenaed to give our testimonies from a legal stance on why we separated as well as the beginning discussions of personal and property distribution of all items inquired while we were married. My attorney  decided to file our divorce as Mutual Fault with irreconcilable differences. At the time of our separation, She was 67 years old and I was 53. We just grew apart. All She could think and talk about was medicine monies while I was in the prime of my life. Our Pastor tried several times to persuade me to reconsider my decision to separate from her, but unfortunately, I was somewhat of a hardhead and once my mind was made up, there was no turning back.

In early May, I had invited my Saint Petersburg friend to come to Charlotte, NC for the Memorial Day weekend. I was a NASCAR junkie and was part of the Speedway Club. I also invited The President of my company and his wife from Chicago to join me for the races that weekend. We became fast friends when I joined this company in 2010. I leaned on him a lot during my separation from my 2nd wife. He was supportive of me, but really didn’t want to discuss this relationship. I told him I was going to have a friend I met from Saint Petersburg, FL join us at the Races. The house we owned had 3 huge bedrooms, so everyone could have their own room. During the Memorial Day weekend, Charlotte Motor Speedway held the Coca Cola 600. At the time, my neighbor in Charlotte was the President of NASCAR. I asked him if he could get us Hot Pit Passes to go on Pit Row as well as mingle with the drivers and crew members before the start of the race. In typical fashion, I got the best seats in the house for us at the 3 day Race event. We were in the Club House at the Start / Finish Line w/ Buffets and Open Bar. I was trying to not only impress the President and his wife, but I wanted to impress my friend from Saint Petersburg. I purchased her a First Class Round trip Ticket to come to Charlotte, NC that Thursday thru the following Tuesday. I told her that I was going to be a gentleman and she would have her own bedroom while staying with me and the President of my company and his wife would have the other. She felt extremely comfortable with the arrangements at the time.

During this time, my 2nd wife and I were instructed not to have much conversation with each other. We were also Symphony Guild members for the Charlotte Symphony with Box Seats. Since I paid for those tickets, she didn’t even mention about wanting to split them up. On the Thursday after noon that she was flying into Charlotte, we had an incredible concert to attend at the Performing Arts Center in Downtown Charlotte. I made sure to tell her to bring several nice dresses. As soon as I picked her up from the airport in Charlotte, we drove to my home in Concord, NC, which was only about 20 minutes. I told her we had dinner plans and than were going to the Symphony. She was excited that I made such great plans. She decided to take a shower and change into attire for dinner. I did the same. I actually wore a Coat and Tie for the occasions. We went to a very nice Restaurant known as the Palm for dinner and then on to the Performing Arts Center.

On the way home from the concert, she was absolutely beaming with joy. It was the first time she had been wined and dined like that, especially riding in a brand new Mercedes Benz, I was an absolute gentleman. I would open her car door, pulled out her chair for dinner and basically you could say I had my AAA Game on for the night !! I was excited as well. It had been a long time since I had been on a real date. In my eyes, she was a beautiful young lady in her mid 40’s, which was about 22 years younger than my wife. Needless to say, when we arrived back from the concert, she decided to move her clothes and stuff downstairs to the Master Bedroom. I guess I was a bit in shock, but had this huge smile on my face. She just looked at me and said in a joking way, neither one of us are Virgins. We both chuckled and had a bottle or two of wine before turning in for the night.

Will to Live – Lust, Greed, & Envy – Part 61

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