Will to Live – My Dreams, My Bible, & My Health – Part 88

We started 2019 in typical fashion. My wife and I brought in the New Year with a nice dinner at the Capital Grill. This was starting to become a new tradition for us. We did bring both of our girls, Bella and Beignet to dine with us that night. I hated leaving the girls with all the fireworks going off in and around the city. In Late January, I continued with keeping up with my Heart Appointments. It was time for me to do an ECKO, which was a study and measurement of the Heart to see how it was contracting compared to my last visit. I was always a bit nervous to have this procedure done. It only takes about 20 minutes, but the waiting period was always the killer. A few days went by and I received a call from my Cardiologist. He told me that my Ejection Fracture had stayed roughly about the same at about 35% since my last visit in July of 2018. It sometimes seemed the harder I tried to improve my Heart Numbers, the results never changed.

Somehow in February of 2016, my wife and I realized that other people living in the same unit number on a higher floor were paying about $600 per month less than us at our complex. We had actually been living in our unit much longer. I confronted the General Manager and she told us rent was driven by an algorithm in the system. This upset my wife and I so much we decided to look around in neighboring apartment high-rises to compare rents. We did find some to be cheaper, but we decided we did not want to leave the nice amenities that came with our lease. So I began looking internally only to find a larger unit on a higher floor $850 per month cheaper. I decided to break my lease and pay the difference and move to a larger apartment home on a higher floor. The only downside is we would be losing our water view of the bay, but for $850 per month, I would walk to the roof deck and see the water. My wife and I were not very happy about how the management team treated us in this move, but in the long run, it was a huge savings.

After we moved from our existing Unit 705 to our new Unit 1217, I began to have these dreams. For some reason, the dreams kept coming to me each and every night. On one particular night, the dream was so intense I accidentally woke my wife and 2 girls up during the night. I was somewhat shaken. At first, my wife thought it was my heart. I said to her, ” No honey, it’s not my Heart. I have been having these repeated dreams about reading the Good Book.” Please understand I was not an avid reader at all, so the Good Book made no sense to me. She kind of chuckled and said, you know the Good Book is the Bible. I was a bit perplexed at that comment. In all my life, I had never heard the Bible referred to as the Good Book. The dreams continued for many nights afterwards. I finally threw in the towel. I went into my closet and pulled out a brand new Bible I had purchased 10 years ago, but never even took out the original box. I decided I would begin reading the Bible, but I didn’t know if I was to read it like a book or skip around. All I knew is it was a thick book and was going to take some time. I decided I would start in the Gospel of John. I was always comfortable with passages I heard in the past. In all my life, I never read the Bible before. Please don’t get me wrong, I read scripture from time to time, but to actually read the Bible as a book was never on my daily agenda. So I began reading in the Good Book. I started my daily readings in Proverbs for that particular day, several Psalms, a Book in the Old Testament as well as a Book in the New Testament. After about a week of my daily readings, the dreams stopped. As I try to remember as much as possible, I believe it was my grandmother’s voice coming to me and telling me I needed to start reading the Bible. She was a very religious person. Always attending church on Sunday and reading Prayer nightly.  After all of this, I decided to re-engage in my Heart Healthy Lifestyle. I told my wife I wanted to finally finish what I had started. On April 1st, I weighed in at 335 lbs. I had been creeping up little by little. It was always easy for me to take weight off and even easier for me to gain it back. I knew this time, I had the Armor of God on my side. Every morning I woke up and asked God to please give me the strength I needed to fight the 7 Deadly Sins of Mankind. Believe it or not, It was something I talked about, but never did anything to battle those sins. As time went on, I ran the idea of writing a Blog about my life to my wife and Brother-in-Law on a trip to Orlando. I had never written a Blog before and truly didn’t know how or where to begin. I knew what I wanted to say, but didn’t know how to go about it. The next thing you know, the title came to me – Will to Live. We decided to google the information on Go Daddy. com and no one had taken that domain. So this is how – WillToLive.net came to fruition.

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