Will to Live – Pride, Greed & Lust Continued – Part 57

As time passed over the next few months, I decided once again to attempt to lose weight. In October of 2010, I reached my highest weight. It actually scared me when I realized I was almost 1/4 of a ton. I could not believe I allowed myself to get this out of control. I knew I had an Eating Disorder, but this time I really needed some Divine Intervention. So once again, I went back to Carolina’s Weight Management Clinic. He almost fainted when he saw how big I had gotten. I was placed on a 14oo Calorie a Day Eating Plan and required to make weekly visits to the Dietician to discuss my food plans in order to be in the special program. We even discussed weight loss surgery, but due to the amount of scar tissue I had from a previous surgery, this was not an option. As in typical fashion, I was always able to lose the weight, but never had the will power to keep it off. This time the Doctor recommended that I begin shots of Victoza, another diabetic medicine to help lowering my fasting sugar numbers. In typical fashion, my New Year’s resolution was to lose at least 150 lbs. This would at least put me back to being Obese and not Morbidly Obese, which was a term the Doctors began to use when they wrote about my prognosis. Whether it was a family Doctor, Psychiatrist, or Heart Specialist, this was the terminology they used when they discussed my health. This in itself was freaking scary to say the least.

After following this program to the letter, I was able to shed over 190 lbs. in 10 months. In October of 2011, I weighed in at 302 lbs. I was feeling absolutely fabulous once again. My 2nd wife was proud of me, but our relationship was still a bit strained. It seemed like we began to disagree on a few things more and more. I had a trip booked to Orlando, FL in late October for the Year Beginning Meeting for my largest customer. In September, I had originally booked a ticket for┬áher to join me. As the trip got closer, we had more and more disagreements about this and that so I decided to cancel her airline ticket to go to Orlando with me. I had a job to do and I didn’t want any problems while I was working with my largest customer. My trip was scheduled to be in Orlando for about 5 days, Monday thru Friday. I traveled down to Orlando on Sunday night and staying in a Hilton Hotel as usual.

Over the past few months, I remained in touch with the young lady I met in Bentonville, AR. We talked about once a month, but always sent a few e-mails back and forth. She knew I had weight problems and was also concerned about me. I guess you could say we had become pen pals. I knew she lived in Saint Petersburg, FL and I decided to tell her I was coming to Orlando  for a week. She told me she had to work, but she would try take a day off to meet me halfway for lunch. She was still struggling with the loss of her son, but was managing to get along as best as possible. We met halfway between Orlando and Saint Petersburg in Ybor City, which was actually near Tampa. We spent a lot of time talking about our past lives, marriages and places we traveled. She was a very interesting lady. After we had dinner, we rode in my car and she took me around the harbor to show me some areas on Ybor and Tampa, FL. I really enjoyed her company. After about 5 hours, we said our goodbyes and I went back to Orlando and she went home to Saint Petersburg. During the entire way back to Orlando, I began to feel a bit guilty. I was still a married man and had dinner with a lady I only had the pleasure of meeting one other time in Bentonville, AR on a business trip. We just enjoyed each others company. By the way, she could not get over how much weight I had lost since the last time I actually saw her, which was over a year ago. During the next several months, we continued to talk more frequently, about 2-3 times per week. She knew my marriage was becoming more and more rocky and always asked if there was any hope for us getting back together again. I really never knew how to answer that question. My wife and I never really argued ever. We just started to do our own things with different friends.

Will to Live – Anger, Lust, & Pride – Part 58

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