Will to Live – Pride, Greed & Lust – Part 56

After meeting the team at my friends company, I immediately started work that following Wednesday with a Supplier Fair. During the supplier fair, he had invited many existing and potentially new supplies that they were interested in representing. We had over 20 different suppliers at the meeting. Our task was to spend about 15-20 minutes with each supplier to discuss mutual ways we could grow our businesses. One of the first suppliers I stopped to have a meet and greet was a guy that family owned Donut Company. After spending about the first 10 minutes with him, we realized we had a huge connection. He finally told me he was part owner of the Donut Company, which was started by his grandfather in 1946. It was a family owned company and they were selling many supermarkets in the Northeaster US as well as a major co-packer for some larger Bakery Companies. We discussed a few clients that I had been selling to over the years. During our first meeting, he gave me an opportunity to represent him at some major retailers. In other jobs, I had worked with these retailers for many years and sold them cookies and breads, so I knew a lot of the Category Managers extremely well. I called my main contact at and set up an appointment for the 2 of us to meet and present Donuts. My Customer loved the quality of our Donuts. Soon after our initial meeting, I received a call from to get our company set up as a potential new vendor. I was so excited to hear this news. Within the first 4 months of working for my new company, we received my first PO for an LTO “Limited Time Offer”. Our first Purchase Order was over $1 Million Dollars. Soon after, we began selling them on a daily basis. Today, 10 years later, they are still my largest customer with incredible sales. Even though my work life was getting incredibly better, my weight was off the charts. In October of 2010, I finally topped out at my highest weight ever. I was starting to have some night sweats along with more than normal frequent urination problems at night. I finally went to the doctor and had to get on a special scale to weigh myself. I was 8 lbs. shy of weighing 500 lbs. I actually reached 492.0 lbs. on Monday, October 11th, 2010. The reason I was having troubles with night sweats is my fasting sugar count was nearly 400. This was not good especially when your Fasting Sugar should be 100 or less. My Doctor also noticed that my Blood Pressure was extremely high. Just when my job was going well, I began to have more health issues. I was beginning to have somewhat of a mid life crisis. With my marriage not the greatest of all, I always had that wondering eye. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my wife and she loved me, but I was not in love with her any longer. We still managed to go about our life as a normal married couple. We attended Church, went to dinner with friends, belong to the Symphony and did many other mutual things, but it was like I was going with my sister and not my wife. During this time, I was secretly helping my daughter out with many financial situations. I never told my wife anything about it. I know I was being sneaky about this, but I always tried to help my daughter and her two boys when she would get into a financial bind. There was no love lost between either of them, so any time I sent money, it was never discussed or talked about at our dinner table. I think she knew I was helping daughter, but could never prove it, so we never had any arguments about what I did or didn’t do to help my daughter.

During one of my trips, I met a lady at the hotel were I was staying. She was in Bentonville doing training for an insurance company.  At the hotel we all were staying at, they had a happy our session from 5-7 Monday through Friday for all the traveling salesmen that called on these customers. Due to all my travels over the years, I knew a lot of the guests that stayed at the hotel. We all would introduce ourselves and talk about the issues we had dealing with this large Retailer. We all met her and she was a very neat lady. The one thing that was unusual is she was not in town calling on any customers. I went to dinner with a few of my team members and other friends. When we returned to the hotel, she was still sitting in the bar area alone. I joking said are you doing liquid for dinner tonight. She looked up at me and I could tell she was visibly upset. I offered her a Kleenex and asked if I could do anything to help. She asked me to take a walk outside so she could light up cigarette. I was always a good listener, but I had no idea what was wrong with this her. We had just met about 3 hours earlier and now I found her crying. She proceed to tell me her 27 year old son had committed suicide 3 weeks earlier and she had just buried him this past weekend. All I could do was walk over to her and give her a big shoulder to cry on. She was absolutely in hysterics. I went back inside and got her another glass of red wine and let her do most of the talking about her son while I listened to his life story. It started to get late and we said our good-nights, but I exchanged phone numbers with her and said I would like to meet you in the morning for breakfast to make sure you are okay. I went back to my room and even called my wife and told her about my experience. She told me she was just grieving and it would take some time to go through the healing process. I said good night to her and went to bed myself with a heavy heart for this lady. I have always had a Big Heart to help people – it has always been my nature.

Will to Live – Pride, Greed & Lust continued – Part 57

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