Will to Live – Pride & Love – Part 77

After picking up the engagement ring for my girlfriend. I was beaming and could not wait to give it to her. I had the entire night planned out with a Romantic Dinner for 2, had several flower arrangements sent to the restaurant, some for her and some for the table setting as well as this wonderful personalized menu. Once we arrived at the restaurant, everything seemed normal as a regular date night, except this was a much fancier restaurant. I told my girlfriend I was going to wear a suit and she decided to wear one the sexiest dresses I had ever seen on her. As the night started to unfold. she finally realized that this was going to be a special evening. My girlfriend was an absolute knockout. From the time we got out of the car until we reached the restaurant, heads were turning left and right. Once we were seated at our table, the flowers were beautiful, the sun was setting just at the right moment, so I proceeded with my plans to get engaged that night. After we ordered drinks,  I excused myself for a minute and grabbed my phone. The manager of the Armani Restaurant met me near the bar and took my phone so she could capture the moment. As a true gentlemen, I accidentally dropped my napkin on purpose, decided to straighten it out and got down on one knee. I politely asked my girlfriend to remove the promise ring I had bought her a few months early and place it on her right hand. I proceeded to open the box the engagement ring was in and looked her dead in the eye and asked her if she would be willing to marry me. I could since the entire restaurant was now watching this from a distant. We both had tears in our eyes and without hesitation she nodded yes and also said yes. With my shaking hands, I removed the ring and placed it on her left hand. OMG, it was absolutely stunning. The glow from the candles on the table along with the sun setting in the background, made for such a romantic time for the two of us. I could tell she was extremely pleased with the Diamond I had chosen along with the setting. I had so much pride that I was able to pull this special night off for the two of us. After she began reading the menu, she finally realized this menu was customized just for us,” An Enchanting Evening”, a night she would never forget. I actually heard one of the servers in the background ask another, “you think he has a brother. OMG, did you see her ring.” I chuckled a bit and few of the restaurant staff came over and congratulated us on our engagement that evening. The next thing I surprised my now fiancĂ© with was a Cruise to the Western Caribbean. I was able to secure the Presidential Suite on the back of one of the boats to Celebrate our engagement and her upcoming 51st Birthday. I could not be any happier in my life. We began immediately waiting on my final divorce papers to come through from my 3rd wife so we could begin our lives together as husband and wife.

As the weeks passed, we began talking about a few things we wanted to do on our bucket lists. One of mine was to spend time in a studio recording songs. I was a musician from the time I was 8 years old. I began playing trumpet when I was only 8 years old in the 3rd grade at James Madison Elementary School. At the time, I did not realize my teacher was extremely famous. I was being taught music by Papa Jac Assunto, one of the founding members of the World Famous “Dukes of Dixieland”. Later on in my life at the age of 11, I also began playing piano at Gulf Coast Military Academy and still play today some 50 years later. After spending 5 months with a friend that had a recording studio in his home, my CD was released in September 2014. It was called “Loving You with Bear Necessities”. I never had so much fun singing in my life. It all started believe it or not from Karaoke. Many friends along with my fiancĂ© encouraged me each and every week. So finally. I had this CD I could not only be proud of recording, but something I could leave behind as a memory for others. By all means, I am not a professional singer and my day job as Vice President of Retail Business Development for my company pays a whole lot more money. In early September of 2014, you could actually say, I was the happiest man on earth. – Until??

Will to Live – Fear, Gluttony, & Pride – Part 78

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