Will To Live – Who I AM !!

This is me at 4 months old

** INTRODUCTION – I would like to start by introducing myself to those that do not already know me, which is probably most of you that are reading my Blog. My name is Patrick Courtney Uli. My friends all call me Bear, which is very endearing to me. It’s a nickname I had received as a very young man growing up while in Military School at GCMA, Gulf Coast Military Academy. It really came to be used more frequently at Jesuit High School, when a Football Coach said, Patrick, you are as Hairy as a BEAR. TMI – LOL :-). I was born in New Orleans, LA on December 5th, 1958 to two wonderful parents. My mother’s name was Lorraine Anne Courtney and she married my Dad, Peter Joseph Uli on December 29th, 1957. My mom, Lorraine, Lo, as her friends called her was an Elementary School Teacher. Mom mainly taught 5th & 6th Grade. My Dad was in the US Army. He was a Demolition Expert in the Mine Warfare Division. He loved to BLOW things up – LOL!! – More about Mom and Dad later.

The reason I have started this Blog is to be able to give some hope for those that feel hopeless. During my writings, I will take you briefly thru my life in a very quick way and than I will get more detailed as I continue my writings. I was cursed the day my mom gave birth to me. I was born to not one but two Obese Parents, so from the very beginning, I was doomed with the hefty weight gene.  Wow – that sounded soooo good, but not all the way true. You see, I am a 60 year Old Man that is Fighting the 7 Deadly Sins of Man. If you do not know what these are, here you go in alphabetical order – Anger, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, and Sloth. Dang, that’s a mouthful. Where do I begin??

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